Installation of dowels

Now, in wall sheathing, the downtings are often used, which have a traditional shape that will be appropriate in the modern interior. Panels of this type are not only very beautiful, but also durable.

They can withstand any contact with furniture or other items. It looks much better than walls pasted with wallpaper or painted panels. Typically, downstata boards are used in the form of panels for cladding parts of the walls, they can also be completely lined with the entire wall. With this facing universal material, you can decorate all the rooms of your home.

It should be noted that the secret of good downstone is very simple and it will help improve the design of the house. To do this, you need to make the strongest frame, and then strictly vertically attach the panels to it, nailing it with nails, and besiege the hats with a waterman.

This type of sheathing is not only beautiful, but also durable. Panels of this type can sheathe the lower part of the wall and the whole. When you linen part of the wall, you need to install an additional rail over the panels. The panels are made from a natural tree, they can be painted with paints and stains, giving effect.