Installation of a gas stove

A gas stove is one of the most dangerous devices in the house. Since it requires connection to the gas system. It must be remembered that the installation of such equipment that is intended for the kitchen must be carried out according to the instructions that are established by the norms for safe use.

If the gas stove has an oven, then you need to make an electricity supply. This will require the installation of an additional outlet that has grounding. You also need to use the PVS 3 × 1 cable. 5. In the electrical panel, it is necessary to install the circuit breaker at 16A.

It is easy to connect a gas stove, but this must be done very carefully. Specialists do not recommend using household outlets. This can happen for the reason that the thickness of the cable does not comply with the standards.

If the plate is connected incorrectly, then this can lead to poor consequences.

Installation work on connecting the hose should be carried out with special attentiveness, further operation and safety of the room depends on the quality of this work. It is necessary to seal the threaded joints.