Increased acidity of the stomach symptoms

For proper digestion, you need a certain amount of hydrochloric acid. Normally it should be 0, 5%. Almost every person has at least once in his life, but the level of acidity in the stomach increased. The reason for such a violation may be a plentiful dinner, too fat and spicy foods, drinking alcohol during food. An increased acidity harms the walls of the stomach, so you need to know the symptoms of this disease in order to be able to normalize the work of the stomach.

Symptoms of acidity of the stomach

– Excess hydrochloric acid is harmful to the health of the body, since baking juice enters the esophagus and irritates its mucous membrane, causing inflammation. – Heartburn. – Sensation of severity in the stomach. – Boddy. – Pain. – Regular constipation. – Taste receptors are immune to some types of food.

Which causes an increased level of acidity of the stomach?

The emergence of excess gastric juice is facilitated by unhealthy food, namely salty, fatty and spicy dishes, lack of diet. If you find manifestations of an increased level of acidity of the stomach – seek honey. help. The hospital will be sent for a gastroenterological examination.

Methods for the treatment of acidity of the stomach

The level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is reduced using special diets.

– Refuse spicy and fatty foods. – Smoked meats, fat broths, especially with mushrooms are also excluded from the diet. – Onions and garlic, seasonings, marinades, salt and lemon juice are used in limited quantities. – Black bread, strong coffee and soda are prohibited. – Use the minimum amount of sunflower oil (maximum 2 teaspoons). – Choose low fiber vegetables – for example, cauliflower or potatoes. – Not sour fruits and berries can only be consumed boiled or baked. – Buy low -fat fish (for example pike) and meat (poultry or beef). – Be sure to include cereals cooked in milk or water in the diet. – Boiled eggs, cheese and non -acidic cottage cheese are allowed in small quantities. – Drinks use compotes, jelly, not very brewed teas.

Folk remedies

Decoctions and infusions based on chamomile, mint or elbow perfectly reduce the level of acidity.

You will need peppermint, ordinary yarrow and St. John’s wort. Brew a mixture of herbs (each should be 80 g) a glass of hot water. After 40 minutes, the filtered infusion can be drunk. Use during the day in four doses.

To normalize the level of acidity, use fresh cabbage or potatoes juice. It also helps with gastritis. Drink juice before each meal.

Potato juice is obtained from grated and squeezed potato pulp. The required dose is 50 ml. It is necessary to use 4 times a day for five weeks.

Mineral water is also suitable. Shake 50 ml before meals for two months.

Boiled egg and herbal tea contribute to a decrease in acidity.

To reduce the acidity of the stomach, use a decoction of berries. 1 tablespoon of sea buckthorn and rosehips, pour into a glass of boiled water. Leave to infuse. 4 p. / день выпевайте 100 мл настоя, для усиления эффекта добавляйте мед.

Recommendations and tips for high acidity

After an attack of heartburn, refrain from eating solid food. Drink one glass of milk – this will instantly relieve pain in the stomach. Or relieve pain with a hot compress – apply to the stomach area. Drinking soda is used to combat heartburn, but exacerbates or causes an ulcer. You can also drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of honey. Do not eat a lot – it’s not enough better, but often (at least 5 times a day). Before each meal, sing a glass of fresh carrot juice.

Symptoms of this condition are very unpleasant and require treatment. If the attack was an isolated case, then you can do with the infusion of herbs and the exception to the diet of fatty dishes. If signs of high acidity of the stomach appear regularly and often, you must consult a doctor and revise the diet. Do not take a negligent of such a phenomenon, because excess hydrochloric acid not only harm the internal organs, but also cause serious diseases (such as ulcer or gastritis).