Hyundai Santa Fe review – Technical characteristics, price

Today in our review, a completely new Korean Korean crossover Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 of the model year, which was officially introduced at the New York Motor Show this year. The updated Santa Fe is the third generation, it is worth noting that the updated appearance corresponds to the acting, so -called “liquid design”, which was used on all new Hyundai models. If it were not for the Hyundai icon on the radiator lattices, it would be almost impossible to say that this car is an updated version of Hyundai Santa Fe.

The new design has more bold solutions that have affected the optics, radiator grille and general features of the body. The interior was also subjected to significant improvements, the panels in the doors and the central console received a mild to the touch plastic, new stylistic solutions and a wide selection of seats upholstery. We note that with each new model Korean experts release better and more interestingly the quality of which is on the same time with Japanese cars, such brands as Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota. The Korean Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 model of the model year will be available in five- and seven-seater with an elongated wheelbase.

According to representatives of the South Korean company, the third generation of Santa Fe was built completely on the new platform and is available with the new line of engines. Initially, it will be possible to choose between 2, 4-liter atmospheric gasoline and 2, 2-liter turbodiesel, it is also possible to choose a four-cylinder with an engine of 2. 0 Lyra, which is paired with a six -speed automatic gearbox and is now installed on the I45 crossover. It is expected that the most popular version will be the crossover equipped with a turbocharged power unit that produces about 268 horsepower and 365 nm of torque.

With such a motor, the car accelerates from a place to one hundred kilometers per hour in just 8. 2 seconds. The car reacts with lightning speed to the accelerator pedal, the only thing is caused by the complaints of a car motor gearbox, if you prefer an active type of driving, it is better to choose a model equipped with a mechanical transmission. Of course, this crossover will not go unnoticed by various tuning studies that can give great power to the motor and improve the appearance, so if you need not just a vehicle, it is better to wait for a modified version. Regarding the equipment, the Santa Fe 2013 of the model year is available with satellite navigation, panoramic hatch, digital radio and rear view chamber. From safety, it is worth noting the presence of seven pillows, an electric stability system (ESC) and much more. Unfortunately, the exact date of delivery of the crossover to official Russian dilles, as well as the cost, is not yet known.