How to understand that you fell in love

It is often difficult to understand whether you really love a person or at the moment with him is just comfortable. Perhaps this is just a strong sympathy, but you already think that this is love. How to understand that you fell in love, and not just got too carried away by a guy? Throw chamomile and try to figure it out. If you find the following signs at home, you should think.

1) regardless of what you are doing, your thoughts only about him, that he could be near. You lose in the head of the situation and dialogs, you think about how he could react to certain actions. At the same time, all the time I want him to be near you.

2) you try to be where there is a chance to meet him. On a walk with friends you can see you exactly where there is even the slightest chance to meet him. For this, you are even ready to walk a few extra kilometers. Perhaps your ordinary route has changed so as to increase the chance of “accidentally” to meet it on the street.

3) You can look at him for a long time. Perhaps you often catch yourself on your page on the social network and examine his photos. If you met somewhere, your gaze does not leave him. Maybe you don’t even realize this, but by analyzing your behavior, you understand that you are constantly looking at it.

4) you are constantly trying to understand any signs of attention that he provides you. You not only remember every look or phrase, and you also carefully consider what it could mean and how it can speak of his sympathy for you. In addition, it suddenly turns out that even “Hello. How are you?”So screams about his sympathy for you and are surprised that others do not understand this. Although they just understand that you fell in love.

5) Your behavior changes, during a conversation with him. It is enough for him to speak with you how you lose the gift of eloquence and you cannot make sentences without “type”, “well” and “uh”, and understand what he says is even more difficult. There is no trace of your confidence and you feel like a shy teenager, as if for the first time fell in love.

6) the easiest way to understand that you fell in love – to realize that you are all the time that you are together. For example, you can catch yourself thinking that you imagine how he confesses to you in love or passes you passionately. You think that together you would look very good and he is simply obliged to fall in love with you.

7) It’s hard not to understand that you fell in love if you are constantly talking about him. Your friends begin to notice that you are discussing either him or something associated with him. You are ready to talk about him for hours, because you have something to tell.

8) Suddenly the topic of relations becomes incredibly interesting for you. You are not only trying to understand whether you fell in love, your attention also attracts articles in magazines like “How to interest a guy” and “10 signs that he likes you”.

9) this is not connected with him – it means that you are not interested. Friends cannot pull you into the cinema, because it will not be there, which means you will not go anywhere. The risk of leaving their cities for a long time scares you at all, because this suggests that you will not be seen for a long time.

10) you are trying to know more about things that are interesting to him. Understood whether you fell in love, very simple: if you find that the same thing appeared in the list of your hobbies as it is interesting to him – this is love.

11) You are trying to understand if you fell in love. It would hardly have been interesting to you this topic if there were no suspicions that it was love.

Even the fact that you read this text is already hinting that you are not indifferent to him.