How to tie slippers with knitting needles

Things made by their own hands give care and warmth, make the house more cozy. Of course, we can’t replace everything in our house with our own home. But some household items can do it with your own hands any woman. Such items include homemade slippers connected by knitting.

For those who know how to knit at least a little, it will not be difficult to tie slippers with knitting needles. You can do this in several ways.

How to knit slippers-slings with knitting needles

Slinks-slides are dimensionless, so they are suitable for any female leg. To bind them, take threads suitable in thickness for five -millimeter spokes, two knitting needles No. 5.

The mating density should correspond to fifteen rows and eight loops by five centimeters.

You need to start knitting slippers with knitting needles from the tie (with patch knitting), then – the expansion of two -thirds of the length of the foot with a viscous plateau, in each row after the bromatic you need to make a cloak. Then the sole with an elastic band 2×2 knit. After the elastic band, a narrowing should occur – together two loops at the end of each row (viscous plate) and again the tie.

Sequence of knitting slippers with knitting needles

Take eight loops on the knitting needles and knit 42 rows with a viscous patch (facial and back).

From 43 rows and subsequent after the bromatic loop, make the cloak until 30 loops are obtained on the knitting needles.

Tie two from each loop, knitting the loop behind the front and back wall. Continue to knit 2×2 with an elastic band, periodically trying on the slippers to the leg, you should get a small -sized sole and sides.

When the sole of the knitting needles is connected, knit one row together two loops with the faces.

At the end of each row, knit two loops together with knitting needles, until eight loops remain on the knitting needles.

Close the loops, sew the sole in front and behind, folding slippers in half.

Insert your legs into the resulting slippers connected by knitting needles, in a pocket formed from an elastic band 2×2, cross the ties in the front and tie the back.

How to tie slippers with a hard sole with knitting needles

As a basis for such slippers, you can use soles from old slippers, or you can cut the blanks corresponding to the right size from an unnecessary tourist rug.

In addition, you will need cardboard for stencils or thick paper to make two parts – the upper parts of the slippers and insoles. In order not to confuse the details, sign them. Also take the threads of the selected color and knitting needles No. 3. Also, scissors, threads, buttons will come in handy, prepare small shreds of fabric to finish slippers.

You need to start knitting slippers from the upper parts. Thirty loops and two hem on the knitting needles, the total should turn out thirty -two loops.

Knit with a simple 1×1 elastic band (front-Issue) 10 rows. Then select the suitable pattern. Ideal for knitting slippers with knitting needles is suitable for linen pattern, which is quite dense, which does not allow the knitted part to deform.

This pattern is performed on an even number of loops.

Knit slippers with knitting needles, alternating two rows.

The first row (front side). Remove the first loop as a hem, knit one front loop, remove one loop, as when knitting with a working thread before work, transfer the thread between the knitting needles for work, repeat to the last bromatic loop, which is knitted with the wrong side.

The second row (front side). Remove the first loop, like a bromic, knit one loop with the wrong side, remove one loop, as with the wrong knitting with a thread at work, transfer the thread between the needles forward, repeat to the last bromatic loop the wrong way.

Knit slippers, alternating the first and second rows. Tie 20 rows. Close one loop at the beginning of 21 and 23 rows. Then close the loop in each of the rows, starting from 25. Knit with the knitting needles until eight loops are left, then close them. Tie the upper part of another slippage in the same way.

To tie in insoles for slippers, dial only 56 loops, and tie 30 rows with a linen pattern.

Close four loops at the beginning of 31 rows.

Close two loops at the beginning of 32 rows.

Continue to close the loops, alternating five times. The remaining loops also close. Tie in the insole for the second slippage with knitting needles in the same way.

Connect the resulting parts. Sew insoles to base. Then sew the upper parts of the slippers.

Decorate the slippers connected by buttons buttons and shreds of fabric.