How to survive the heat

In winter, we are all looking forward to the arrival of summer, the pores of vacations, when you can forget about all the problems, go to the sea and soak under the rays of the sun. However, we do not spend so much time at sea, we still spend the bulk of the summer within the city. And summer for citizens is a real test. The question “How to survive the heat?»All city residents are concerned, since no one has canceled work and responsibilities because of the unbearable heat. You will have to go to work in any case, but you can make life easier, knowing several ways to survive the heat.

Here are some tips on how to survive the heat and keep your health in the summer.

How to survive the heat: clothes. In the hot season, it is necessary to completely abandon synthetic clothing, giving preference to natural fabrics. Synthetics creates a “greenhouse effect” and creates obstacles for normal thermoregulation of the body.

How to survive the heat: food. The diet should prevail the food of plant origin and dairy products. Try to reduce the consumption of meat and animal fats. In the midst of the heat in the middle of the day, eat a little, transfer a full meal at a later time, at 5-6 pm, when it becomes a little cooler. Then it will be easier for the body to absorb food. How to survive the heat if you don’t want to eat in the morning? You can drink a glass of water. Forget about the purchase of products for the future and from the hands in the markets, you risk getting serious poisoning.

How to survive the heat: fluid taking. Experts advise drinking not ordinary water, but diluted juices, cool tea and still mineral water. Kvass, kefir and yogurt, which also have a favorable effect on the body, will also help to quench thirsty. How to survive the heat? Do not abuse too cold drinks, better chilled, and it is better to forget about the cold beer, which many consider to be a panacea in the fight against heat. Alcohol retains fluid in the body, thereby having an adverse effect of thermoregulation of the body.

How to survive the heat: air conditioning. The use of the air conditioner in hot times should be approached deliberately and carefully. If the air temperature on the street is too different with the air temperature in the room with the air conditioner, then this may lead to serious consequences from colds to inflammation of the lungs. The room temperature should not drop below +21 degrees. This also applies to air conditioning cars.

How to survive the heat: physical activity. In hot times of the day, physical activity on the body should be maximally reduced. Training must be carried out in the morning or evening time. Excessive load can cause problems with the cardiovascular system.

Subject to these simple recommendations, the question “How to survive the heat?»Will not stand so sharply, and summer will bring you more positive emotions.