How to stretch shoes at home

The acquisition of each pair of shoes brings an unforgettable pleasure to every woman. But it also happens that the pleasure of acquiring is replaced by disappointment. Trying on a new couple of houses, sometimes we understand that it is uncomfortable for us, shoes or boots were crowded or small. Walking in such a pair if it is not impossible, then at least uncomfortable – there is constantly pain in the legs, corns and corns. Then the question arises of how to stretch shoes in conditions of home.

Naturally, you can attribute a new pair to the shoe repair workshop in which you will stretch shoes using modern equipment and special means. But such equipment is not in every workshop, so in most cases you still have to look for ways to stretch shoes in home conditions yourself.

To stretch cramped shoes in household conditions, you can use modern means that can be purchased at any shoe store. Release such funds in the form of foam or spray. Such funds are not only easy to use, they also give a good result. In home conditions, you can stretch shoes by applying a remedy to the problem area, then putting on a new pair and walking in it for about half an hour in the apartment. If, after the first use of the product, the shoes are still cramped, repeat the procedure until you achieve the desired size or completeness.

In addition to sprays and foams sold in the store, there are a lot of other ways using which you can stretch shoes in home conditions.

It is good to stretch a new pair in home conditions, alcohol and alcohol -containing liquids – vodka, cologne is suitable. Alcohol needs to be poured into a spray gun, spray a new pair inside, put on shoes and wear until the alcohol dries. It is better not to apply alcohol to the outer part, since the color may be damaged.

This method is suitable for any type of shoe. But there are means that can only be used for a pair made of a certain material.

How to stretch leather shoes at home

One of the popular ways to stretch the leather pair at home is to process it with boiling water. This method is simple and effective. But it cannot be used in conditions of home for shoes from artificial materials and suede. Suede will lose its appearance, and artificial and materials crackle. Pour a leather pair with boiling water, let cool a little and wear on your feet until it dries completely. If this method seems too radical to you, wrap the shoes in the fabric, previously moistened in boiling water.

Another way to stretch leather shoes in home conditions. Take a petroleum jelly, castor oil or paraffin. Grate a new pair from the inside. Then put on a woolen sock, train a new pair and eat around the house.

How to stretch suede shoes at home  

It is better to try to stretch the suede shoes using special sprays, since it cannot be subject to oil, creams, wet products.

If there is neither time nor desire to catch a new suede pair, gently steam it over the steam, and tightly swing it with wet newspapers.

If the shoes are made of rubber or fabric, it will not be possible to stretch it in home conditions.

It is not worth abuse the above methods, shoes can deteriorate or become big.

If the use of these methods did not bring results, even specialists are unlikely to help you. Therefore, when buying a new pair, be extremely careful and select a pair that is clearly corresponding to your size.