How to store champignons

Champignon is one of the most common mushrooms in the world. In any European cuisine there are dishes that include these mushrooms remarkable in taste. We have them everywhere on sale, both imported and local (by the way, many grow champignons at home), are relatively inexpensive and therefore are very popular. Sometimes champignons are bought in more quantities than necessary. Or not the entire crop is sold (in the case of your own greenhouse). In both cases, the question arises – how to store champignons correctly? How to store champignons without additional processing the very first answer to the question of how to store champignons is to properly prepare for their prolonged content. Its character depends on how long it is supposed to store champignons. If you plan to keep mushrooms before use for long, it is better not to wash them, but to pack them in a paper bag (in a plastic bag they can “sweat”, although in this case they can be stored a few days longer). Suitable for short -term storage special plastic containers with holes below. Another important circumstance: without additional processing, despite how champignons are packed, they can be stored for only a few days. This is a perishable product and consuming mushrooms that have laid out for a long time in the refrigerator can be unsafe. How long and how can champignons be stored? Many housewives are happy owners of such the necessary household appliances as freezer. Freezing is undoubtedly the best option to store champignons as long as possible. Preliminary processing of mushrooms includes a sink and drying. The spots should be cut. After that, the mushrooms must be cut into pieces (if they are small, you can freeze them entirely). How to store champignons in the freezer, each housewife chooses for herself, but if you freeze the mushrooms portions, it will be convenient to subsequently take separate portions, and not to expose the entire reserve of repeated freezing. Prepared mushrooms are placed in packages or special trays for freezing, closely closed (it is desirable to release all the air) and freeze. You can store frozen champignons both fresh and boiled or fried. The least stored fried mushrooms in this way – from three months to six months. Washed and chopped mushrooms are fried over low heat with a small amount of vegetable oil until cooked, then cooled and laid out on the containers. You can store and use such champignons in the same way as frozen fresh. A little longer, storage period of frozen boiled mushrooms is about six months. The purified and washed gifts of nature are boiled until cooked in slightly salted water, after which they are dried on a sieve, laid out in tanks and freezed. Learning to store the crop is correctly very tasty pickled champignons. Having marked the mushrooms, you can solve the problem of how to store champignons and, in addition, get a delicious snack. The marinade is prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of sugar, 5 pieces of pepper (fragrant and black), a pair of bay leaves are placed per 1 liter of boiling water. After that, you should put mushrooms (1 kilogram) and cook for about half an hour. When the resulting brine cooled a little, add 50 grams of vinegar and pour into small jars. Pickled mushrooms can be heard the very next day. Opinions on how to store pickled champignons diverge, but it is best to put them in the refrigerator in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Freezing, like pickling, is not the only ways to store champignons. They can be dried in a natural way (in the sun or in the shade), or in an electric dryer or oven. Before drying, the mushrooms need to be soaked for three hours in cold water. Dried champignons can be added to soup, second dishes, they perfectly retain their taste and aroma. Perhaps store champignons as drying – the best option. By the way, dried champignons can be stored both in the refrigerator and at room temperature, the duration of their content in this form is at least a year.