How to speed up hair growth

It is believed that the hair grows a couple of centimeters per month, but if you want to speed up hair growth, then you should listen to some of our recommendations. Every girl dreams of a luxurious long hair, but, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of what nature awarded them. So it turns out that someone is enough only regular washing the head and the periodic use of special masks, but the other has to wage a tireless struggle to accelerate hair growth. However, let’s think about whether it is so important for the girl to speed up hair growth or for the majority it is completely unimportant? Naturally, everyone is free to choose the best haircut for himself. But who can argue with the opinion that long curls are one of the main signs of beauty and femininity? That’s why it is worth trying to accelerate hair growth in order to turn, albeit a trendy, but short haircut into chic braids, because the natural speed of their growth is very low. If you do not want to suffer in attempts to accelerate hair growth, you can even turn to the extension procedure. However, in the event that such radical measures are not for you, then you will have to make a lot of effort to speed up hair growth, and spend quite a lot of time on it. We offer several effective recommendations that will accelerate hair growth, thus correcting not the best haircut, but will also help to make them thicker, and the hairstyle is more attractive. The main advice and growth, and the condition of your hair directly depends on what lifestyle you are leading. Because to speed up this process, you should carefully monitor your nutrition. All the products that you use must certainly be fresh, high -quality and useful, in addition, do not forget to bring diversity to your diet. If you do this, you can definitely accelerate hair growth, because your body will receive all the substances and trace elements he needs. Do not forget that bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol use, will not help accelerate hair growth. Replace the time spent with a glass in your hand or with a cigarette, to training and, in the end, a full and healthy sleep.

It is also important to understand that it will not work to accelerate hair growth without proper care for them and skin. Carefully approach the devices and styling products, since their excessive use can be harmful. But when you wash your head, then hold a small massage session, and also arrange a contrast shower. Well, and, of course, they will help accelerate hair growth and improve their health special masks that can be bought both in a pharmacy or store, and cook it yourself.

We use natural products

For example, it is believed that wraps and oil -based masks can most effectively accelerate hair growth. It is easy to cook them at home, because all that is required is the application of a mixture of almond and castor oils an hour before washing in equal proportions. Next, you need to wrap your head with a film and wrap it with a towel, and then just wash it well with the most ordinary shampoo. Well, if you wash you after washing, rinse your hair with a decoction of chamomile. Also, the hair growth that irritates hair follicles will also help to accelerate hair growth. The fact is that as a result of their exposure, the flow of blood is significantly increased, and, therefore, of various nutrients. Such masks include those that contain mustard or red pepper. These means form the basis of masks that allow accelerating hair growth, since they cause a slight burning. You need to apply such a mask to clean wet hair, but you need to use gloves or a cotton swab for this. As in the previous case, after application, wrap your head with a film and towel. Such a mask must be kept for at least 20 minutes, and if you can tolerate, then extend the procedure up to 40 minutes. However, remember that in order to accelerate hair growth, you need to do this procedure once a week. If you apply the mask less often, then the effect will be too insignificant. But more frequent use is also undesirable, because instead of accelerating hair growth, you will earn yourself problems with the scalp.