How to sleep correctly

Without sleep, a person cannot do, because in a dream, all the forces spent are restored and the person is preparing for the new day. To recover as much as possible during sleep, you need to sleep correctly. The correct dream has its own rules, the execution of which needs to be monitored.

Which bed is most pleasant to lie? Of course, on the soft! Doctors claim that if you want to sleep correctly, you need to abandon soft feather beds. It is best to get used to sleeping on a hard bed, as this contributes to the correct position of the spine. In addition, you need to refuse to use the pillow. Instead of a pillow, it is best to use a roller that is placed under the neck. It is important that the thickness of the roller is approximately the same as the thickness of the hand. Thanks to this support for the neck during sleep, your spine will be as relaxed as possible and you can sleep correctly.

Clothing is often bothering us to sleep. Best if you sleep at all without clothes, this will allow the skin to breathe. If you are still forced to sleep in clothes, choose pajamas and night shirts without tight elastic bands. If you suffer from frequent runny nose or sinusitis, do not forget about the headdress at night. Since in a dream the temperature of our body is reduced, a cap or hat will help protect your head from hypothermia, which will significantly lower the risk of such diseases.

For sleep, the position of the body also plays an important role. Of course, in a dream you always turn back and periodically change the situation, but it is best to fall asleep in the right position. Doctors recommend falling asleep, lying on the stomach, since this position helps to straighten the spine. Thanks to this, you can relax faster and better relax overnight. Moreover, the stomach pose contributes to the intensive work of the kidneys, so slags will be better excreted from your body. So that this pose brings the maximum benefit, do not eat before bedtime.

It’s generally difficult to sleep correctly if you ate right before bedtime. Best when the last meal occurs no later than three hours before bedtime.

The main thing in the night dream is enough time. Everyone knows that the physiological norm of sleep is at least eight hours a day. That is how much it is necessary to sleep correctly for the full restoration of the body’s forces. If you were not able to sleep at night, sleep a little in the afternoon.

There are several simple techniques that will help you sleep correctly and get the maximum benefit from sleep:

Refuse in the evening such drinks as coffee, tea and orange juice. They stimulate the functioning of the body, so after them it will be difficult to fall asleep, and the dream will be anxious.

Ensure good emotions before going to bed. For example, you can watch a movie or listen to relaxing music. Falling asleep in a good mood, you will most likely wake up more fun and relaxed.

If for any reason you could not fall asleep to 22: 00, it will be best if you fall in between 2 and 4 hours of night. It is this period that doctors consider it favorable for relaxation and sleep.

To relax as much as possible before going to bed, take a warm bath. Shower is not the best choice before bedtime, as it tones the body and you cannot sleep correctly.

An evening walk also helps to sleep correctly. Thanks to fresh air, you can relax faster and fall asleep.

If possible, refuse physical and mental work before bedtime, since this leads to the overexcitation of the body and you will not be able to fall asleep.

The bed is not a place for work, reading or watching TV. The bedroom should be associated with you only with sleep, so it is better for all other things to do not here.

Before going to bed, ventilate the bedroom – in the cool room it is easier to fall asleep and you can sleep correctly.