How to remove subcutaneous fat from the abdomen

The problem of excess weight is about many people today. And one of the manifestations of excess weight is the deposition of subcutaneous fat on the stomach. And it is this problem that causes a lot of negative emotions, since the stomach loses weight most slowly, and with the wrong lifestyle and nutrition – fat quickly returns to its place.

Determining the presence of fat mass on the abdomen to determine the presence of such a problem as an excess of fat on the stomach can be used by using the calculation of the ratio of your waist and hips. If the indicator of the coefficient is 0, 7 or less, then this is considered the norm. If the indicator of the coefficient is 0, 8 and above, then this may indicate the presence of excess fat on the stomach. But before you start measuring and calculating the coefficients, you should evaluate your figure. After all, there are wide hips and a narrow waist, but sometimes and vice versa. In such situations, this coefficient does not make sense. But if you feel that you do not like your waist and you are interested in how to remove subcutaneous fat from the abdomen, then it’s time to do it. The sooner you start, the faster the desired result will be seen.

Liposuction of the fastest method of removing subcutaneous fat from the abdomen is considered liposuction. But she has her minus. If you do not change your lifestyle, then fat will soon grow on your stomach again. Thus, without changing nutrition and lifestyle, liposuction will help only for a short period of time.

The most effective way to combat a good stomach is physical exercises and diet. This method can take a long time, but its results will persist as much time as you will devote to the struggle with fat on your stomach.

Diet when choosing a diet you need to choose the optimal for yourself. Not every diet can bring a positive result. And do not consider the constant feeling of hunger and exhaustion under the diet. Nutritionists advise a diet in which you can eat everything you want, but at the same time the total amount of all calories that are used per day should not be more than 1500. Fully analyze your diet and add more fresh vegetables and fruits, juices, low -fat meat, legumes, sour -milk products, nuts, cereals, broths and first dishes. When the menu is reviewed and chosen diet, then do not relax and wait for the stomach to normal. Now you need to start strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Physical exercises a prerequisite for a flat abdomen is the performance of physical exercises, with which you can effectively remove subcutaneous fat from the abdomen. At the same time, you should not opt ​​for exercises that strengthen only the stomach – perform exercises for the legs, back, hands and in the process of performing this complex will also strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. Additionally, you can go to the pool, go running or strength exercises. The effect of physical exertion will not be so fast, but stable and beneficial to the whole body. Studying day after day, you will understand that getting rid of your stomach was not so difficult, and the result obtained was worth the spent forces and energy.