How to remove nasolabial folds

A person constantly experiences emotions: laughs, frowns, cries. For young skin, they are unpaid, but more mature skin often does not cope with the load. Over the years, wrinkles arise, including nasolabial folds, and a woman is increasingly thinking about how to remove them. Of course, it is unlikely that anyone wants to have a face of a porcelain doll, but wrinkles have not yet painted anyone.

Is it possible to remove the nasolabial folds yourself, and how to do it?

First of all, it is worth saying that the occurrence of nasolabial folds and the problem with how to remove them can be disturbed not only by women aged. They are also in young women with a specific skin type. But most often nasolabial folds arise, as a rule, in emotional people, to whom cosmetologists advise not only to remove them, but also to try to warn the appearance. The recipe for a minimum of wrinkles on the face is simple – less emotions, more calm. Experts advise watching their facial expressions, talking in front of the mirror.

If the nasolabial folds have already appeared, you need to try to remove them as soon as possible. At home, you can do massage and articulation exercises. The simplest thing is to massage the most nasolabial folds, trying to press them into the skin. You can slowly puff out the cheeks, and then release air through closed lips. Another simple recommendation regarding how to remove the nasolabial folds for a short period. This exercise is performed in two accounts. At a time – you need to reach the upper lip down to the chin, for two – return to the initial position. Each of these exercises must be done daily, 5-6 approaches, and the result will become visible very soon. Before the exercises, be sure to wash your hands with soap.

All of the above is suitable when the folds are still “fresh”; If the nasolabial folds have long been formed, to understand how to remove them, it is better to provide a cosmetologist.

How to remove nasolabial folds, and is it worth it to trust specialists?

Any cosmetologist can immediately recommend a particular procedure in order to remove the nasolabial folds that appeared with age, and give the skin as young as possible.

On sale there are skin care products containing hyaluronic acid. It saturates the skin with moisture. Such means can be used independently (regular use will sooner or later give a result), but in order to remove the nasolabial folds as effectively as possible, it is better to go to a cosmetic salon. A specialist can advise gels filters based on hyaluronic acid. The skin treated by local anesthesia can remain swelling for some time, but then it will certainly please its owner with a beautiful and even look. The procedure can be repeated repeatedly. With its help, it is easy to remove nasolabial folds, but as a method of long -term exposure it is not suitable.

If desired, you can use hardware cosmetology. Waves of active impulses penetrate the cells of the epidermis and accelerate the metabolic processes in them. The skin instantly becomes younger and healthier in appearance. To remove the nasolabial folds for as long as possible, this procedure is recommended to be done annually for 5 or 6 sessions.

Many women are worried about the question – is it possible to forever remove the nasolabial folds and how to do it. Unfortunately, not a single procedure will give such a radical result. But to forget for many years about the problem – it is very possible, because there is such a wonderful thing as lipofilling. This is something like a plastic surgery. The essence of lipofiling is that the nasolabial folds are filled with fat tissue of a patient taken from the waist or hips. The procedure is done in the hospital for about an hour, after it it is desirable to remain under the control of doctors during the day. The result will exceed all expectations, and the woman in the future will forget about how to remove the nasolabial folds, because the effect of the procedure persists for a very long time.