How to remove extended eyelashes

Many girls today decide on the eyelash extension procedure. This can be done in almost any cosmetic salon for relatively small money. Although the extended eyelashes are beautiful, they cannot be worn for a very long time. As a rule, 2-3 weeks after building, it is recommended to remove eyelashes.

It is best to remove the extended eyelashes in the salon from a professional, in the arsenal who has all the necessary means for the accurate conduct of this procedure. But, as you know, women constantly lack time: children, family, work – all this takes a lot of time and effort, so it is quite difficult to sign up for the salon. Many girls manage to remove the extended eyelashes on their own, so let’s get acquainted with how to conduct this procedure.

When trying to remove the extended cilia, in no case do not try to tear them off just like that. Since a very durable glue is used for this procedure, you simply cannot remove the cilia. Moreover, you can accidentally pull out your own eyelashes with them, which will clearly be superfluous. An attempt to remove glue with any sharp objects, as you can easily get into the eye will also be a bad idea. Some girls claim that you can shoot extended eyelashes like this: hold them over a hot steam for several minutes. This method will help you only if the master used poor -quality glue. Otherwise, there will simply be no effect.

However, many women manage to remove extended cilia at home. Let’s look at ways to shoot them quickly and painlessly.

Method 1

Masters say that it is possible to remove the extended cilia at home with a fat cream. In fact, you can use the cream of any manufacturer, the main thing is that the cream is really bold in consistency.

The procedure must be carried out as follows: first carefully remove the makeup, especially for eye makeup. Next, take a cotton swab and moisten it well in a cream. The cream needs to be carefully applied along the eyelash growth line and hold it for several minutes. In theory, during this time the glue should lose its resistance and the cilia can be easily removed. If the first time you have not received the desired effect and the glue is firmly held, repeat the procedure.

Method 2

The easiest way to remove extended eyelashes is to use vegetable oil. This procedure is no more complicated than the previous. You can remove the extended eyelashes using olive or castor oil.

Wet a cotton wool in oil, after which gently apply it along the line of eyelash growth. You need to withstand oil on eyelashes for about half an hour. After exposure, the eyelash growth line must be carefully massaged with your fingers and wait a little more. After that, take the tweezers and try to carefully remove the extended cilia. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure.

Method 3

If the previous two ways to remove the extended cilia did not help you, then you probably already desperate. Most often, the reason for this may be that the master used quite high -quality glue. But what to do if you need to remove the extended cilia right now, but there is no time to go to the master?

In this case, it is worth thinking about buying a special remedy for removing the extended cilia, which is called a debonder. The Debonder is essentially very similar to the means that the master uses in the cabin in order to remove the extended cilia. With the help of a deobonder, soften glue can be quickly and easy enough, so taking the cilia is also simple.

You can buy a debonder in specialized stores or order on the Internet. This tool is relatively inexpensive, so every woman can afford it. Try to buy a deobonder in advance, so that when the time comes to remove the extended eyelashes, it is at hand and you do not have to experience the methods described above.