How to reduce buttocks

Fortunately, even if a woman has huge sizes, she cannot have a negative effect on her health. However, it is no secret that often the desire to reduce the buttocks is very great, since they prevent a woman from feeling confident. In addition, reducing the buttocks is not so difficult. To do this, just control the number of calories absorbed, burn unnecessary, as well as systematically perform comprehensive training. Special simulators, as well as weight control in general, will help to reduce the buttocks in this way. We offer six simple rules, compliance with which will help you reduce the buttocks quickly enough. Forget the staircase that an elevator is working in your house, and always go up the stairs on foot. Thus, you can quickly burn calories, lose weight, and also reduce the buttocks. Such simple exercises contribute to the discharge of unnecessary kilograms, as well as to give your priest the perfect shape. If you live on the ground floor or in a private house and ordinary stairs are not available to you, then the stepper or a special simulator can help reduce the buttocks, which looks like an escalator whose steps move in the opposite direction. However, the latter is not easy to find, and it takes a lot of places. So do not look for complex ways. The principle of operation of such a simulator is simple, you just need to turn it on and walk until you get tired. The stepper is quite popular, many women managed to reduce the buttocks using such a simulator. It consists of two pedals, the movement of which exactly simulates the climb up the stairs. Plie type jumps this excellent exercise is explosive and helps to quickly reduce the buttocks. During such jumps, the gluteal muscles are loaded very much, and at the same time, the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle increases and the frequency of contractions of. In order to fulfill Pli, you must become straight, putting the legs wide, whose feet will be expanded at an angle of 45 degrees. Next, you need to sit down a little and jump to the maximum possible height. It is important that in order to reduce the buttocks, during the “take -off” it is necessary to actively move your feet in the air. Try to land on the also wide -arranged legs and immediately make the next jump. To reduce the buttocks, in one approach you need to perform about 20 such jumps. The power of an elliptical simulator is such a simulator, better known as the orbitre, how no other will help reduce the buttocks, and indeed it perfectly develops the muscles of the whole body. Using the orbitr, put your feet on mobile platforms, and place your hands on the handle of the simulator so that they are at chest level. Having turned on it, you will need to imitate walking, performing progressive movements with your feet. If you want to reduce the buttocks faster, then just increase the resistance of the simulator, and place your hands closer to the center of the handrails. Cycling Bicycle Cycling on a bicycle will not only help reduce the buttocks, but also give a great mood from the time spent in the fresh air. However, it can be replaced by an exercise bike. Note that the intensity of such an exercise is small, but it helps to quickly burn extra calories. If you need emotional support, then take part in the mass “races”. In addition, classes in the gym are positive in that there will always be an instructor nearby, who will give the necessary recommendations for speed, as well as the intensity of exercises. In addition, he will control whether you are doing everything right. Raise the ass to perform this exercise that helps reduce the buttocks, you will need two towels and a floor with a slippery surface. Starting position-lying on the back with legs extended in a V-shaped form. Under each of the heels it is necessary to put on a towel. Now you need to slowly raise the ass, and start to tighten the feet in the direction of the body, then rise to the maximum height, bring your legs and strongly tighten the gluteal muscles. Next, return to the starting position and repeat such an exercise at least 10 times in one approach to really reduce the buttocks. Drying of the split this exercise, like Plie jumping, is explosive and very effectively helps to reduce the buttocks, but there are still differences. The main difference is that the legs are not in parallel, but one in front. Having stood in the starting position, very slowly begin to sink in the direction of forward as if you are lunging. Next, tilt a little on the thigh and quickly jump to the maximum height, changing the position of the legs in the air. To reduce the buttocks, landing, immediately repeat the exercise first.