How to put on a bandage for pregnant women

Pregnancy of many people, like the actual woman herself. The periods of happiness, self -confidence and others, tenderness are replaced by periods of despondency, fears and doubts.   Periods of nausea, dizziness, pain smoothly flow during periods of absolute calm.  But, I think, many will agree with me, one day the time comes when a woman is quite clearly begin to realize that pregnancy is also a lot of physical activity.

Modern medicine in these minutes comes to the aid. Bandages for pregnant women are designed to make the life of a pregnant woman and ensure support for the abdomen of the future mother, the correct arrangement of the fetus in the uterus, protect the abdominal wall and skin on the stomach and hips from stretching, and remove the load from the spine.  Even if you have no experience with this device, a gynecologist will help you with the choice of a bandage and tell you in detail about how to wear it correctly.

Before starting a conversation on how to put on a bandage, we will decide on what indications for wearing a bandage:

Your pregnancy period is more than 20 weeks;

You have a second pregnancy;

You have a scar on the uterus (childbirth by cesarean section, gynecological operations), or you transferred the operation on the abdominal cavity less than a year and a half ago before pregnancy;

You have problems with the back, spine: osteochondrosis, curvature of the spine, back pain;

There is a predisposition to striae;

You have identified: large size of the fetus, polyhydramnios, presentation, low placenta arrangement;

There is a threat of termination of pregnancy in the 2nd and 3rd trimester;

You lead an active lifestyle, work;

You are a future happy mother twei or triplets.

How to put on a belt – bandage.

Bandage belt for pregnant women is an elastic tape fixing with a lumpy tape. The convenience of the belt – the bandage is that it is easy to adjust it in diameter, for this you just need to “reduce” the anterior joint with lipping tape, or adjust the side valves. It is better to put it in a lying position, lifting your hips slightly. Before putting it on, it is necessary to put the bandage on the lower back, and fix the ends of the bandage under the stomach, choosing a comfortable degree of “tension”. Already standing, you can adjust the degree of pressure on the lower abdomen.

How to put on panties – bandage

Bandage panties for pregnant women is a panties made of elastic fabric with a bandage ribbon inside. Bandage panties are both high – closing the stomach and low – pass under it. The main drawback of such a bandage for an adaptive woman is the need for a frequent change, for hygienic reasons. Put on panties-bandage lying on your back, properly distributing pressure on the stomach.

How to put on a universal bandage

A universal bandage for pregnant women is a belt with a wide rear part and narrowed ends. This bandage can be worn after childbirth, for this it is simply necessary to turn the device – put on a wide canvas on the stomach, and the narrowed ends should be fixed on the lower back. For many, this bandage option may turn out to be optimal – it allows you to adjust the size by tension to the required degree of the narrow ends of the bandage, fixing the necessary position with adhesive tape. You need to put on the bandage lying, this will allow you to correctly fix the stomach and uterus.

What you need to know about the bandage?

It is important not just to put on a bandage, but to put it right. He must support your stomach, but in no case should I press on it.

It is recommended to put on a bandage lying on your back, raising the hips, which allows you to fix the uterus in the correct position.

Before buying a bandage, you need to choose its size correctly, because it will depend on this how comfortable you will feel in it and whether you will subsequently wear it.

You can not wear a bandage for more than 3 hours in a row, it is worth making a “break” for the tummy.

The attitude towards the bandage among gynecologists – not unequivocal, and women too. To put on a bandage or not to wear, you decide, depending on how much you need it and how comfortable you are to be in it. With the correct wearing of this device, there will be no harm, but from a fundamental refusal to put it on – it is quite possible.