How to pierce your ear at home

People began to pierce their ears and decorate them with various trinkets in ancient times. Today, this process has been significantly improved, decorations have become more diverse. To pierce your ears, you can contact any beauty salon where they will do it painlessly, but you can do this with home conditions. If you decide to carry out this procedure at home, you need to follow some rules that will help to avoid complications.

To pierce the ears at home, pay attention to the correct selection of the region. A large number of reflex zones are concentrated on the auricle, especially on the lobe. If you make a puncture in a wrong place, you can violate the work of some internal system of the body. At the same time, a well -chosen place and the correctly selected metal can benefit the body. So, choosing the right point to pierce your ears at home, you can adjust your vision. Therefore, piercing your ears in home conditions, treat them very carefully, even though the lobe is the most suitable place for a puncture on the human body, because there is no cartilage in the lobes, and healing occurs as quickly as possible.

In order to pierce the ears in home conditions, having done as little harm as possible, it is better to consult a reflexology, which will indicate the most suitable place for a puncture on a lobe. You just have to pierce your ear in the indicated place.

If you decide to pierce your ears at home, pay attention to the time. The most suitable time of year is winter. In cold weather, the risk of infections and the development of inflammatory processes decreases. Ears reliably protect hats. In the warm season, it is highly likely that dust will penetrate into the formed channel, which can contribute to irritation.

Pay special attention to the choice of earrings to pierce the ears in the conditions of home. A few years ago it was customary to immediately put earrings in the ears after the puncture, but the surgical threads that were left for a week. Today the sowing is welcomed. Refuse for the first time from massive earrings with stones and from jewelry. To pierce your ears in home conditions, select earrings made of silver or gold, which are small in weight and have a convenient clasp that will not injure the uric.

Before piercing your ears at home, wash your head.

To pierce your ears at home, prepare:

– large needle;

– alcohol;

– hydrogen peroxide;

– earrings.

To achieve sterility, piercing your ears in your home conditions, buy the needle by pouring alcohol in a saucer, lowering the needle and a match that weave alcohol. While the alcohol burns, moisten the cotton wool in alcohol and wipe it with an earlobe on both sides. Then take the marker and mark the puncture site, make sure that the points on both ears are symmetrical. Pull the earlobe, pick up a slightly cooled needle in your hands and quickly move your ear in a marked place at a right angle. Process this place with peroxide (you can also use boric acid or calendula tincture). Then let the earring pre -treated with alcohol.

Punctures of the ears at home, and wearing earrings, try not to shoot them for several weeks so as not to injure the earlobes that are in the healing process. Try not to twist or move earrings in your ears so as not to bring dust that can cause inflammation.

Puncture ears at home, in the first weeks it will be necessary to observe some rules for the care of punctures. Every day, the lobe must be wiped with a solution of boron alcohol or ordinary medical alcohol in conditions of home. The procedure should be carried out several times a day.

After you have pierced your ears in home conditions, try to avoid getting water into the punctures, exclude bathing in water bodies. Also change pillowcases daily, which will help to avoid complications.