How to paint the ceiling?

We will figure out how to paint the ceiling. After you carried the furniture from the room and prepared the tool and the paint is time to start painting the ceiling. First you need to get rid of the old layer of paint and cracks. Use the skin and putty.

So that the paint holds well on the ceiling, make a primer. After the ceiling dries, apply a primer re -on dark spots. If you want to get as flat as possible, put another layer of primer. We start painting.

First you need to paint the corners of the ceiling, starting from the farthest corner. At the same time, moisten the brush in the paint half pile and remove excess paint on the jar. Paint the corners by 5 cm so that the next line with a roller is in contact with harmoniously, and there are no divorces. Then we paint the main surface of the ceiling.

If your plans have the construction of cottages, then keep in mind that for all buildings the rules are similar. Prepare the tray, pour a little paint there and walk along it with a roller. The paint should be on the roller in the same proportions. Apply paint to the ceiling with small quantities and in uniform proportions. Do not forget to close the windows.