How to measure the basal temperature correctly

If you can’t get pregnant in any way, then the doctor probably advised you to measure the basal temperature. But how to do it right?

The basal temperature is measured in the rectum, while the woman should be in a state of complete rest. Measurement must be carried out every morning before you get out of bed. The most informative and correct result can be obtained if the measurement lasts at least 5 minutes. In order to properly measure the basal temperature, it is necessary to use the same thermometer.

You need to measure measurements for several menstrual cycles, including on menstruation days. Make a special diary in which you enter daily indicators and form graphs. If you are undergoing diagnosis or treatment of infertility, be sure to celebrate the days of sexual intimacy on the graph.

Why measure the basal temperature correctly

Basal temperature is an indicator necessary to study the menstrual function of a woman. As a rule, during the period of ovulation, the temperature will be higher than the usual by 0. 4-0. 8 degrees. As you know, the most favorable days for conception of the baby are days the day before and directly at the time of ovulation. By analyzing the graphs of the basal temperature indicators, you can determine the optimal days for sexual proximity.

How to measure the basal temperature

Doctors recommend measuring the basal temperature in the morning as soon as you wake up. It is most correct to measure it for ten minutes, while getting out of bed or almost impossible to move. Try to use the same thermometer. During and before the measurement, you cannot open your eyes, since due to bright light it may increase the release of hormones into the bloodstream and the temperature indicator will not be correct. Indications should be noted on the graphics.

If you had to change the thermometer that you used, mark it in the records. It is also worth remembering that it is possible to measure the basal temperature correctly after sleep, which lasted at least three hours, and ideally – at least five. For example, if you woke up in the morning to go to the toilet, it will be better to measure the temperature at this time. If you take a measurement later, the result will not be correct.

A cold, a general increase in body temperature, sexual intimacy in the evening or in the morning, alcohol, measurements at unusual time, etc. can affect the BT.

Doctors recommend starting to measure the indicators at the beginning of the cycle, that is, on the first day of menstruation. Of course, you can start measurements on any day convenient for you, but then the indicators for the first cycle will be incomplete.

You can measure it not only by the rectal method, oral or vaginal is also suitable. Rectal is more preferable, as it is considered a standard. In any case, during one cycle it is recommended to use one method.

Most correctly measure the basal temperature at the same time daily. If the time difference is more than half an hour, the indicator is not considered accurate.

Doctors say that it does not matter what thermometer you will use, both mercury and digital. A mercury thermometer is recommended to shake before bedtime. If you do this in the morning, then the efforts attached to shake it can affect the indicator.

During trips and flights, it will not work to measure the basal temperature correctly, since in these periods it changes significantly.

In addition, taking drugs, in particular sedative, sleeping pills and hormonal, can affect the indicator. If you use hormonal contraceptives, it makes no sense to measure the basal temperature, since it will not be correct.