How to make your eyes more

Beautiful eyes are the basis of attractive appearance. It is their expressiveness that enchants and attracts attention. Girls with large and expressive eyes are always popular with the opposite sex. But few can boast of such eyes. In this case, some tricks will help to change the situation that will help to make them more.

How to make eyes more with makeup

Properly made makeup helps to emphasize advantages and hide the disadvantages. Cosmetics will help make the eyes more and more expressive, focus on them attention. The main assistants in this case will be pencils, shadows of light tones, and mascara, which increases the volume.

But you need to start not from the eyes, but with the eyebrows. To make them more, give the eyebrows a neat shape, pluck out excess hairs along the lower edge of the eyebrows. Depending on the form, it may be necessary to lengthen the tail. If you do everything right, then the elegant bend of eyebrows will give the effect of wide open eyes. To strengthen the effect and make them more will also help the highlighter, which must be applied directly to the eyebrow. Now you can go directly to makeup.

For makeup, you can use a pencil or eyeliner, the main thing is to do it right. Many make -up artists recommend failing the upper eyelid with a pencil. At the same time, a softly shaved line should go as close to eyelashes as possible. Choose the color of the pencil depending on the color of the eyes: gray, chocolate, lilac, swamp, but not black. If you prefer to use the eyeliner, keep in mind that the line should be very thin. It is necessary to start it from the center of the eye and lead to the outer corner. You can make your eyes more by completing such makeup with a light or white pencil with a pearl shine, letting them down the lower eyelid. The eyes will not only become more, but they will shine.

To make your eyes more, use the shadows of calm, unsaturated shades. The main tone of the pastel shade is applied to the entire eyelid, and the outer corner is focused with shadows of a brighter shade and shave out. The inner corner of the eye and a plot under the eyebrow cover the shadows of light shades or highlighter. In an effort to make your eyes more, you can use not only universal beige tones, but also pink, blue, lilac. It all depends on the color of your eyes.

To make your eyes more will help you and mascara. The best choice will be black mascara with a twisting effect. Eyelashes bent up will make eyes visually more. You can tighten eyelashes with special forceps. You can also use mascara. She will help to make her eyes more and more expressive. To make more cut, glue several overhead eyelashes to the outer corner.

Makeup described above is ideal for everyday application. Evening makeup gives even more opportunities to make eyes more. Choose shadows of bright shades, bring the lower and upper eyelids with a fat line, “draw” the desired incision.

How to make eyes more with exercises

You can make more eyes with facelifting. Facial gymnastics gives very good results with regularly. To make small eyes more, there are special exercises. Improving the tone of the eyelids and training them, you can achieve that the eyelids will rise, the bags will disappear, the “goose legs” will be angry, shine and liveliness will appear in the eyes, they will visually seem more.

The exercise is easy to do. Dilute the index and middle finger of the hand with the letter V and attach to the face so that the cushions of the middle fingers are on the bridge of the nose, and the pads of the index fingers are near the outer corners. Strain the lower eyelid, as if you want to raise it, while you must feel how the muscles strain. Exercises must be repeated 10 times, straining and relaxing the muscles, counting up to forty. Repeat in the morning and evening daily.