How to make wings

On the eve of the holidays, many parents think about the acquisition or creation of costumes for their children. You can buy a costume with all accessories in a store or in the market, but its price will be prohibitively high, besides you will not be sure of its quality. And you can buy a dress or suit and decorate it yourself. One of the popular accessories is the wings that you can do yourself.

How to make wings from nylon tights

The easiest option is to make wings from nylon tights. You will need:

– nylon tights;

– metal shoulders (3 pieces) or thick wire;

– acrylic paint (different colors);

– Materials for decoration – sparkles, beads, sequins;

– insulating tape;

– Aromatic stick.

Make a wire with a thick wire with a thick wire and form a crossbar that will connect these wings. Put on nylon tights on the frame and fix it with island. Then, using a lighted aromatic stick, make the holes of the desired shapes and sizes in Kapron. After that, you can start decorating. Apply a pattern on the wings using acrylic paints. After drying them, you can glue rhinestones, sequins, as well as hide the wings with sparkles. When the wings dry, wrap their crossbar with ribbons and glue them with hot glue. Of the two ribbons of a contrasting color at the edges, make straps so that the wings can be worn.

How to make wings from non -woven and fishing line

From tissue adhesive non -woven, make the basis for future wings. Cut off the narrow strips from the satin tape, they will play the role of wings, set the edges with a lighter so that they do not get off. Our satin “feathers” on a woven frame. Real feathers on top of ISTA and sew the ribbons so that the wings can be worn.

How to make wings from fimo-gel

To make wings from Fimo Gel, you need to figure out what this material is. This is a decorative material that you need to bake in the oven for use for 20 minutes at a temperature of 130 degrees. After baking, the material remains transparent and has a slightly bluish tint, which is most noticeable in natural light. This material is particularly flexible, so the wings from it on the wire can be bent as you like. Well suited for simulating insect wings.

To make wings, take:

– solder and soldering iron;

– copper wire (be sure to be copper, because it will not work to be soldered);

– acrylic paints for painting the frame;

– a piece of glass;

– directly Fimo-gel.

First you need to solder the frame, the shape of which will depend only on your imagination. You can make both a closed circuits with streaks and wings with several main guides. When soldering, try to make the spiket places as accurately as possible. If something does not come out very well, after the end of the soldering you can process the frame with sandpaper.

Painted base for the wings tint the acrylic paint. Acrylic paint can be taken in different colors.

After that, it is necessary to degrease the glass, attach the wings of the wings made to it using paper tape, which will help to press it more tightly to the glass surface and protect it from random shifts in the process of pouring the wing with a fimo-gel.

Before you start filling the fimo-gel, make sure that the frame is located on the glass evenly and touches the glass with the entire surface.

Then pour the wing frame with gel. Start with the contour, then go to the center. You can leave gaps so that they are noticeable, make them large, since the gel spreads well. If you want to make a thin wing, pour a gel and wait until it spreads. You can specially make an uneven edge. If you have an uneven edge by chance, after baking, you can trim the edges with scissors.

Put glass with wings made of fimogel into the oven preheated to 130 degrees for twenty minutes.