How to make the skin of the face perfect

Every woman dreams about perfect skin skin. Psychologists and scientists have long found that the condition of the skin is one of the main criteria for assessing the appearance of a woman. But perfect skin is not only aesthetically attractive, it also testifies to the excellent state of health of its owner. In addition, in people who attach great importance to appearance, the perfect skin condition increases self -esteem, and the slightest disadvantages cause a feeling of discomfort.

Too often people seeking to make the skin of the face perfect, noticing the disadvantages, begin to carefully care for themselves. Often, such efforts do not bring long -awaited results. This is because many tend to be mistaken in matters of proper face care, and they make typical mistakes.

Warming with tap water, many of us think that they moisturize their face. In fact, the water will not contribute to the fact that your face skin becomes perfect. Rather, on the contrary, since water water contains a large amount of salts and various impurities that dry the skin. You can get rid of the problem of dryness and tightness, regularly spraying the face with thermal water, which contains various minerals and vitamins.

Another mistake is the wrong selection of cosmetics. If you have dry skin, and you use a cream for oily, your skin will never become perfect. Therefore, do not experiment, select only those products that are made for your skin type.

How to make the skin of an ideal face at home

Today you can find just a huge number of tips on this subject. But still in this matter it is better to trust professionals. Cosmetologists advise first of all to pay attention to food.

It’s no secret that our external beauty depends on the internal state of the body. Therefore, if the skin is not perfect, the problem, as a rule, “hides” inside. The first thing to do is to get rid of the habit of eating harmful high -calorie and fatty foods. Having done this, you will not only improve the condition of the face, but also the state of the whole organism. Try to limit the use of flour and sweet. Give preference to natural products that do not contain preservatives and other harmful substances. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. The result will not be long in coming.

But one proper nutrition is not enough. Due attention should be paid to the care of the skin of the face in order to make it perfect. Care has several stages. This is: cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nutrition.  

To cleanse your face, you can use milk, tonics, lotions bought in a store, or made yourself. Select products that are suitable specifically for your skin type. In no case should you use soap to cleanse the face, replace it with gel or foam for washing.

Your face must be toned in order to bring the skin into a tone and prepare it for nutrition. To make the skin of the face perfect, you need to tone it after cleansing. You can use various tools: tonics, gel tonic and soft lotions.

After cleansing and tonic, go to moisturizes. This must be done in the morning, then the skin will be perfect. Use moisturizers for this, factory or made yourself.

The last stage is food. You need to do it at night. Select creams with a high concentration of active substances, in accordance with your age and type of your skin.

To make the skin of the face perfect, get rid of bad habits – smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Do not forget to protect your face when you go to the open sun, be sure to apply protective creams with a high number of SPF.

And most importantly – have enough rest and smile more.