How to make origami from paper

Origami is the art of paper design. Having studied the technique of origami art, you can make many crafts with your own hands, for example, flowers, animal figures, table setting, lamps and paper vases. Some difficulty in the art of origami lies in the fact that in the manufacture of crafts you can not use scissors, glue. Also, you can not make breaks and cuts.

To learn how to make origami from paper, you need to get acquainted with the types of paper and the features of each of them. Origami paper can be used different: newspaper, typographic, drawing, wallpaper, velvet, shagren and even cardboard. It is important to choose the right type of paper depending on the craft. For the first samples of origami, it is better to use newspaper paper.

Paper Origami training should begin with familiarization with the main conventional signs and designations, as well as the main basic folds that underlie most of the models. The basic folds include an air snake, damn it, a book, a double square, a door, a frog, a bird, fish, a turntable.

One of the simplest forms of origami is the door. It is a square separated in the middle of a continuous line, and each obtained rectangle is divided by a dashed line strictly in the center. You can get such a figure by bending in half a square, then bent by it and bending it to the fold line of the “door” on both sides.

The next step in studying the technique of creating origami from paper is the craft of the turntable. To make it, take a sheet of paper, make a fold on it, which should turn out to be a similar square figure. Fold a sheet of paper in half. Then fold in half and each half.   You will get “sash”. Then turn the sheet of paper, take it by the opposite edges and tighten them in the direction of bends to the middle of the square. As a result, you will receive a hexagon with a cut in the middle and four free angles. Bend two opposite corners, and you will get a figure.

No less important in order to learn how to make origami from paper is a pancake element. It is easy to make it.  Take a square of paper, bend all its four corners towards the center. As a result, you will get a smaller square, which is called pancake.

Before making the figures of the origami from paper, you must remember that all the folds at each stage of work should be performed correctly and clearly, so that in the process they do not overlap each other and do not shift the elements. Otherwise it is possible that you will not be able to fold the figure to the end.

How to make origami from paper: flowers

Flowers are a very popular type of origami from paper. You can create different flowers, but if you are a beginner, the most suitable option is to make a paper rose.  

Bend a square paper sheet in half horizontally, then expand the sheet. Make it so that the fold line is clearly in the middle. Then fold the origami paper so that you get 16 equal squares. The resulting workpiece must be divided by diagonals. Then determine the center of the future flower. Bend the sheet in half, in the place of the bend, put the upper hand down a third of the division of a small square. Do the same with a vertical fold line. Bend and diagonals. Next, bend the sheet along the central lines and mark the square in the center. With the help of auxiliary lines, bend the paper so that in the middle there is a small voluminous square.  To make the flower volumetric, combine the bends of the twist. There are only 13 of them in the flower. Comers the bends so that the flower keeps the shape and does not extend. On the one hand, bend the edges inward to make a full bud. You got an original paper rose.