How to make ice cream

What is the most beloved product in children and adults in hot summer? Of course, ice cream. It can be different, with different fillers and additives, different shapes and colors. But if you purchase store ice cream, there is always a risk, along with delicious ice cream, eat a mass of harmful substances, for example, dyes and preservatives. The way out of the situation is simple – ice cream can be made independently.

How to make ice cream

To make such ice cream, you will need:

– half a liter of milk;

– three yolks;

– butter (size with walnut);

– Six tablespoons of sugar.

Do it like that. Combine milk with yolks, butter, sugar, whip the resulting mixture thoroughly and heat on the stove before boiling. As soon as the mass boils, remove it from the stove and add vanillin, grated chocolate or lemon zest (optional). Put in ice cream molds and freeze in the freezer. So that crystals do not appear in ice cream, periodically the mixture needs to be mixed.

Coffee ice cream

Making such ice cream is also not difficult. Take the following products:

– two glasses of milk;

– four tablespoons of sugar;

– one tablespoon of starch;

– one teaspoon of ground coffee;

– Two yolks.

Boil a glass of milk with sugar, add starch pre -diluted in a small amount of cold water, boil for several minutes, remove from the stove and leave to cool. Pull the yolks of a kind, mix them with a half glass of cold milk; Sew coffee with the remaining milk, strain, cool, connect with the milk and yellow mixture, pour into molds and put it in the freezer.

vanilla ice cream

You can make vanilla ice cream from the following ingredients:

– one liter of milk;

– six egg yolks;

– Vanilin;

– 300 grams of sugar;

– 125 grams of butter or 350 grams of sour cream.

Make the following. Bring the milk to a boil in a pan and put a pan with milk in a large pot of hot water. Make rubbing the yellow with sugar and gradually connect with milk. Stirring continuously, boil the mixture to thickened. Remove from the stove and cool, stir periodically, otherwise the mixture will be covered with a crust. When the mixture cools down, add crap butter or sour cream to it, stir thoroughly and put in an aluminum dish with a thin layer. Put in the freezer.

Chocolate ice cream

Make it from the following products:

– six yolks;

– two proteins;

– 200 grams of sugar;

– 750 grams of milk;

– 250 grams of chocolate.

Make the following. Bright the yolks with sugar until foam is formed, add milk, pour in chocolate melted in a water bath. Boil on fire, remove from the stove, stirring continuously, cool, strain through a sieve. Domest the proteins beaten into foam to the foam, pour it into ice cream.

Lemon ice cream

To make it, you will need:

– 750 milliliters of water;

– 300 grams of sugar;

– five lemons;

– Two proteins.

Make a syrup, for this boil water with sugar for ten minutes, until the mixture thickens. Cool the mixture. Make lemons juice, strain, mix with sugar syrup, and foam of two proteins. Pour into the ice cream.

Berry ice cream

You can make it from:

– 750 grams of raspberries or strawberries;

– 500 grams of red currants;

– 750 grams of milk;

– 300 grams of sugar.

Do it as follows. Rinse the berries and wipe it through a sieve. Boil milk in deep bowl with sugar, remove from heat and cool, stirring continuously. Strain the mixture through a sieve, mix with wiped berries and pour into ice cream.

Making ice cream on your own is absolutely easy. Having spent a minimum of time and effort, you will be sure of the quality and safety of ice cream.