How to make hair thicker

Thick and beautiful hair is the best decoration for any woman. But not everyone was lucky enough to have a thick hair, and many of those who were still lucky, with numerous experiments on their hair contributed to their thinner. However, not everyone knows that making hair thicker is not so difficult. It is enough to make a little effort very much.

Hairdressers’ advice on how to make hair thicker

Any hairdresser will tell you that you can achieve thick hair, protecting them, choosing the right care products, and taking care of them. Moreover, this must be done in the complex, and not separately.

How to protect hair to make it thicker

Refuse combs that can damage your curls and scalp. First of all, this applies to combs with metal teeth. Get a comb made of natural materials, for example, wood and natural bristles. An excellent solution in this situation would be a wooden crest, combining which you will contribute to increased blood flow and improve metabolism in the scalp, respectively, you will make your hair thicker.

Dry your hair in a natural way. Try, if not completely, then at least partially refuse to use the hair dryer. If you can’t avoid frequent use of the hair dryer, you will purchase a modern hair dryer with a cold blowing function that is not so harmful to your curls.

Try not to use aggressive staining products, giving preference to natural dyes like henna. If you still purchase chemical dyes, do not save and opt for paints with a minimum number of aggressive substances, then you can make your hair thicker.

Do not strain your hair too much. Do not braid them into tight braids, this leads to impaired blood flow, as a result they become less thick and fall out.

How to make hair thicker, using it correctly

When choosing shampoo, pay attention to transparent shampoos with a non -core smell. There are fewer chemical components in such shampoos that obviously will not make the hair thicker.  

Do not wash your head too often. Regardless of how good your shampoo is, frequent washing can exhaust the skin, as a result of which curls will lose their natural shine.

After washing the hair, be sure to use the balm. It will contribute to more easy combing, the hair will be less susceptible to damage, respectively, will become thicker. However, balm must be able to use correctly. Apply it in small quantities over the entire length of the hair, except for the roots, otherwise the hair will be quickly bold. Pay attention to the fact that natural components, such as extracts of herbs, include the composition of the balm.

Carrying out the procedure for washing your head, do it carefully and accurately. Apply shampoo with massaging movements, do easy massage. This will contribute to the flow of blood and saturation of the skin with nutrients, the hair will become thicker every day.

Hair health care to make them thicker

Try to regularly do scalp massage. Start from the temples, gradually go to the occipital part, try to grab all the sections of the head with your fingers. To make hair thicker, when conducting massage, use various natural oils that help strengthen.

Do not forget that the state of hair reflects the state of health of the whole body. Perhaps your hair does not become thicker due to the fact that you lack vitamins and trace elements. Pay attention to the receipt of vitamins from natural products, fruits and vegetables. If this is not enough (in the winter, for example), you can buy vitamins in a pharmacy.

To make hair thicker, you can use a whole arsenal of folk remedies. Helpers and tincture of pepper pepper help well, you can buy them at the pharmacy. You can also make masks from natural ingredients in accordance with the type of your hair yourself.

The result of compliance with elementary rules will be healthy, beautiful and thick hair.