How to make hair shiny

Whatever length, color, hairstyle you give your hair, they should be, first of all, healthy, well -groomed and beautiful. You can wear the most luxurious dress from your wardrobe, the most exquisite jewelry, make impeccable makeup and apply your favorite perfumes – all this can be spoiled by dull and lifeless hair. The long -recognized fact is that the beauty of a woman is largely determined by the beauty of her hair, the more beautiful they are, the larger their owner.

Making curls beautiful and shiny is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. But work on giving shine and beauty should be constant, only then can we talk about a long effect.

General recommendations on how to make hair shiny

Hair is an indicator of the health of the whole organism. If you notice that your hair is no longer so brilliant, then the first thing to do is to pay close attention to your food and revise your diet. Your daily menu should consist of foods containing vitamins, animal protein, vegetable oils.

Shiny hair often cease to be such in the autumn period. This is because in the summer the hair was not watched as it should, and their appearance deteriorated due to the effects of sunlight and wind. You also run the risk of making your curls less shiny, daring to chemical warning, staining, often using a hair dryer and curlers.

The easiest way to make your curls shiny and silky is to do the head massage. This is not only pleasant, but also useful, because massage relaxes the skin and increases blood circulation.

Combing no less important role is played. So that your curls become more brilliant, use a professional brush brush when combed. She distributes natural oils well over the hair rod.

No less important is hair drying. Use the hair dryer as little as possible, let your curls dry naturally.

To make curls shiny, you need to use cosmetics, for example, masks that can be purchased in a store, or can be made independently from natural products.

Masks to make hair shiny

Shiny curls can be done using masks that are easy to cook at home. The mask suitable for your hair is not a problem to choose, because there are a lot of recipes for different hair types. The most common of them are the following:

– Cognac mask to make it, take four tablespoons of cognac and one egg, beat until a homogeneous mass and rub in the roots. You need to wrap your head with a towel, hold the mask for about half an hour. After washing the water with warm water, and then rinse the cold. Such a mask makes hair shiny after the first use;

– Berry mask to make it, take two tablespoons of sea buckthorn berries, mash in a deep bowl, add two tablespoons of milk, and then pour two tablespoons of white clay. Apply to hair for half an hour, then rinse with water with shampoo. Such a mask will help not only make hair shiny, but also contribute to its restoration.

To make curls shiny, use masks designed for a certain hair color:

– For blondes. To make blond hair shiny, take one glass of decoction of chamomile, apply it to clean hair and leave it for half an hour. Wrap your head with a plastic bag and towel. Wash off a decoction and wash your head with shampoo;

– For brunettes. To make dark hair shiny, dilute two tablespoons of boiled coffee in a glass of boiling water, strain, cool, apply to clean wet hair. Wrap your head with a plastic bag and leave for half an hour. Wash off, wash your head with a soft shampoo;

– For redheads. To make the hair of a copper shade shiny, mix half a glass of beetroot juice with a half glass of carrot juice, apply this mixture to the hair, hold for about half an hour, then rinse with warm water.