How to make eye makeup

Every woman should be able to do eye makeup, because her eyes are her weapon. Having made the correct eye makeup, emphasizing their beauty and expressiveness, the woman enhances its action several times. Unfortunately, not every of us knows how to make eye makeup correctly, although in fact it is not so difficult.

But you need to start with the preparation of eyes for makeup. Remember the area around them, disguise traces of fatigue or lack of sleep using the tonal remedy for the color that is suitable for you. If “bags” formed under the eyes, you can also hide them. Apply the base cream to the problem area, and then the powder selected to match the color of the skin. Bend the powder to the cheeks so that the color turns out to be even.  

How to make eye makeup itself

First you need to decide what eye makeup you will do – day or night, they differ significantly both in color and technology. Pay attention to the correct selection of color scheme for eye makeup. If you want to make your eyes visually larger, use light colors, dark colors will make your eyes visually narrower.

To make a beautiful eye makeup, you will need three colors:

– light, which is selected to the color of the skin;

– the main one that needs to be selected under the color of clothing;

– color-color selected to the color of the eye.

Apply light shadows to the entire surface of the century, up to the eyebrow line, blend. Then apply contrasting shadows to the upper eyelid, lead the applicator from the inner corner of the eye to the external. For shading, use a special brush. Penet with a neat contour with a pencil. Spend the line at the top from the inner angle to the external, internal – on the contrary.

When you apply mascara, start with the lower eyelashes, and then go to the upper. To make the eyelashes more fluffy, apply the second layer of the carcass after the first.

Today, the so -called natural eye makeup is very popular today. Cosmetics in the eyes are practically not visible, but all available disadvantages are hidden. To make such a makeup, you will need only three cosmetics: a white pencil, brown pencil, mascara. Set the inner corner of the eye with a white pencil and grow thoroughly. The upper eyelid and the area under the eyebrow also bring white with a pencil and blend. Spend the arrow on the upper eyelid with a brown pencil and highlight the fold of the upper eyelid. Bend thoroughly. Then highlight the middle of the upper eyelid with a white pencil. During the growth line of the upper eyelashes, draw a line with a brown pencil. Through the thin line, bring the lower eyelashes. Bring the inner corner of the eye with a white pencil. Then gently apply one layer of mascara to the eyelashes.

You can make makeup in another way. Apply the basis on the upper eyelid, then the shadows will not crumble. Next, take the not too dark shadows and apply to the entire eyelid, while using not smearing, but fading movements. Apply a little light shadows to the inner angle to refresh your eyes.

Take the brush, apply a darker shade to the upper eyelid, trying not to go beyond the natural boundaries of the century. Bend. Then apply a little shadows of a dark shade to the lower eyelid.

Having finished with shadows, proceed to applying liquid eyeliner to the upper eyelid. Make it short strokes from the inner corner of the eye to the external. The line should be thin and only expand a little at the end. Make makeup using black eyeliner.

Start eyelashes and apply mascara. Such eye makeup can be done as evening and as a daytime. Only the color of the shadows will differ.

This is the easiest makeup that can be done in a few minutes. Having mastered the technique, you can further experiment.