How to make curls

Girls with curly hair dreams of straightening them. Girls with straight hair tend to make them curly. Both of them spend a large amount of time and finances to achieve the desired effect, visiting salons and hairdressing. But a girl with straight hair can make curls and independently.

How to make curls with an iron or curling iron

So that your curls are securely fixed, sprinkle your hair with varnish before their curl. In this case, the hair should be dried and well -combed. Dropping your head down, move your hair from the back of the head forward and sprinkle with varnish along the entire length. Then do the same with hair on the crown.

Varnish should be sprayed at a distance of at least 25 centimeters. Otherwise, the hair will stick together, taking an unnatural and ugly appearance.

To make curls with a curling iron or ironing, they need to be well heated. If you have thick hair, you can divide it into two tiers, for the convenience of the upper tier shafts with a hairpin. Separating one strand of hair, click it with a curling iron or ironing in the middle. Then wind it several times around an iron or curling iron. Then slowly pull the iron down so that the strand glides smoothly between the plates. Do this with all the strands to get beautiful curls.

How to make curls with curlers

There are several types of curlers. Depending on which one you will use, you can get different results. You can make curls smooth and flexible, small and large.  

Conquers. Often this type of curlers is used for chemical curls, but they can be used to make curls in your own. Packets can be wooden or plastic, smooth and with furrows, with clamps and elastic bands for fixing strands. To make curls, it is better to use wooden pertives, since wood is a natural material, in addition, the strands when using wooden pertives dry faster.

To make curls with pertives, wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Lubricate your hair with foam for hair styling. Wind up you need to start with the occipital part, from top to bottom. Pay attention to the ends, they should be screwed especially carefully so that they do not stick out. Dry your hair wound on pertussis until it dries completely with a hair dryer.

Flexible curlers. Flexible curlers include papillotes or curlers – “boomerangs”. You can make curls yourself and with the help of them. They are rods made of wire covered with rubber or dense foam. They do not have special locks of strands, so they simply turn into a non -tutorial node or ring. They are so soft that you can sleep with them at night without uncomfortable. At the same time, your curls will not have a deformed shape.

Divide wet hair into strands and wind each of them into flexible curlers in one direction (either clockwise or against). If you are not going to sleep with flexible curlers, dry your hair with a hairdryer. The size of the curls depends on the diameter of the curlers. To make curls well fixed, apply a styling pencu before wrapping.

There are other types of curlers-Bigudi Velcro, velvet curlers, thermogram. You can use them if they are suitable for you. For example, Velcro beigudi will not give the expected result on long hair, velvet curlers are not suitable for “night” use, and thermograms can damage the hair.

How to make curls with a hairdryer

You can make curls with a hairdryer, but for this it should have a special nozzle – diffuser. Wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Then apply mousse or foam to the hair, and begin to squeeze the ends of the hair in your palms, switching to clutching the hair along the entire length. Dry your hair without raising your head, placing hair beams on a diffuser. You will get beautiful curls made by yourself.