How to make curls

Owners of curly hair have always dreamed of straightening them, and girls with straight hair only think about how to make curls. Curls give a romantic, mischievous and more young look. Curls are suitable not only for those who want to acquire a romantic image, they are perfect for those who grow their hair and do not trim their hair. Curls can be made in different ways, you can choose the one that is as convenient for you as possible.

9 ways to make curls

Method 1. If you want to make small curls, for this purpose you can use papilli. With their help, our mothers and grandmothers created hairstyles. Papillotes are long foam cylinders, inside which metal rods are located. You can purchase papillotes in the store, or you can do it yourself. To do this, cut strips from linen fabric. Then take paper handkerchiefs, wrap the scarves in the strips of fabric. Make such strips of pieces 20-30. Wrap hair better with wet. Screw strands on home -made papillots, tie the ends of the fabric. It is convenient to sleep with such papillots, so for a good effect it is better to leave them overnight. Remove the papilloks in the morning. Do not comb the curls and sprinkle hair spray.

Method 2. If you want to make curls larger, you can use curlers. Bigudi are different. Depending on what kind of curlers you use, you will get different curls.

Using pertresses of different diameters – plastic sticks with holes and elastic bands – you can make both large and small curls. Small ones will stay on their hair longer, and large ones will help to give volume. You can alternate dumplings of different diameters. You need to wind up wet hair on pertives, having previously applied foam or mousse.

You can also use bigudi-bumranges, which are foam strips, inside which there is a wire. Wrap the strands of hair on curlers and wrap their ends. The size of the resulting curls will depend on the diameter of the curlers.

You can also use thermal shutters to make curls. Lower the curlers for ten minutes in boiling water, then carefully remove and wind up on dry hair. This is a quick way to make curls, thermal shutters can be removed in 20-30 minutes.

There are also Velcro beigudi-round-shaped curlers from a plastic base with Velcro. Using them, it is enough just to wind up wet strands on them – they will hold well. Such curlers are suitable for short hair more than for long.

Method 3. You can also make curls by braiding. Throw a lot of pigtails on the night on wet hair, and go to bed. In the morning you will have curls, the size of which will depend on the thickness of the pigtails.

Method 4. To make curls, you can use a curling iron or forceps. The larger the diameter of the curling iron, the larger the curls will turn out. The curling iron is suitable for both short and long hair. However, do not use the curling iron too often, it can harm your hair.

Method 5. You can also take an iron. Using it, you will make voluminous curls or beautiful waves.

Method 6. You can make curls with a hairdryer and a round comb. To do this, a comb hair at the roots, dry, then wind the ends of the hair. However, using this method, you cannot get small curls.

Method 7. To make curls, use an air styler with special nozzles. The size and shape of the curls will depend on the diameter of the nozzle.

Method 8. Make curls will help you for a long time chemical curl. There are several methods of curling – traditional, steam, hardware, thermactive, computer and others. The types of chemical curls are also distinguished by the curling method – Japanese, American, local, spiral, vertical, classical, basal. There is also a bio -war that does less harm to the hair.