How to make curls

Brown hair is always beautiful. It doesn’t matter what their length is, they give their owner of romance and charm. But, unfortunately, not all representatives of the weaker sex were given happiness – natural curls. It is good that in the modern world there are effective ways to solve this problem and make beautiful curls.

How to make curls – useful tips

To make your curls beautiful so that they stay all day, you need to follow a few simple rules:

– Pay attention to the shampoo and air conditioning that you use. Make curls may prevent shampoo or air conditioning aimed at nutrition or smoothing hair. Better pay attention to products for volume. They not only do not contribute to the weight of the hair, but also create favorable conditions for the hair to rise at the roots;

– to the hair before making curls, you need to apply mousse. There are special mousses for creating curls. They protect strands, help keep the hairstyle and gives the hairstyle a well -groomed look. It should be distributed evenly along the entire length of the hair and applied in small quantities;

– If you dry your hair with a hairdryer, lower your head down. Then your curls will be more spectacular, and the hairstyle is more voluminous. But it’s better to dry them in a natural way, this will make your curls more durable;

– If you plan to make curls using hot curlers or forceps, be sure to apply the thermospray to the hair that will protect the hair from the negative effects of high temperatures;

– Do not use metal forceps, give preference to the forceps with ceramic, since they minimally destroy the hair structure, evenly distributing heating. The strands must be screwed in small sections, starting from the hair on the back of the head;

– The wound strands must be sprinkled with fixing agents, it is applied from below, tilting the head.

How to make beautiful curls

Making curls is actually very simple. The algorithm for their creation is the same, regardless of the means used. Special cosmetics for hair styling are applied to the hair, they are selected in accordance with the hair type and the desired effect.

It is better to make curls on wet, always clean hair. After applying lapelia, the hair is wound on curlers or tongs. The strands are pulled perpendicular to the head, then you will be able to make them wrap them from the roots.

To make curls, you can use not only forceps and curlers, but also an iron to straighten hair. Click the lock at the very base of the hair, wrap it with one turn of the hair, then this design is led to the end of the strand. In this way you can make large flowing curls on long hair.

The longer the strands, the larger you can use curlers. In addition, pay attention to the fact that there are different curlers designed to create curls of different forms. To make medium curls on not too long hair, you can use ligated curlers. To make curls of a spiral shape, use spiral curlers.

Recently, curls at the ends of the hair have become very fashionable. To make such curls, you will need a brawing. The hair needs to be dried, raising it at the roots. Protect the ends with a special spray to protect against brittleness. The ends of the hair are slightly moistened, and then twisted with a brawl to the middle.

If your hair curls slightly by nature, you can enhance the effect using a special hairdryer nozzle – diffuser. A spray for styling is evenly applied to the hair. Then, tilting your head forward, you need to dry them, clutching and whipping them with your hands.