How to make a vase with your own hands

Do -it -yourself things are becoming more popular every year. People strive for originality and uniqueness in everything, the interior is no exception.   From improvised means, you can make such an interior item or office as a vase.

To make a vase with your own hands, you need to decide what material you will use to create it. You also need to decide what technique for its manufacture you will use. There are quite a lot of them: engraving, craquelure, decoupage, weaving and others, each of them has its own nuances.

DIY plastic bottles vase

Make a vase of plastic bottles with your own hands is the easiest option. For this you will need several identical plastic bottles. One of them will need to be left whole, the rest – cut off the top. Then the inverted bottle tops must be inserted into each other, and the edges are cut in the form of thin tapes. The ribbons need to be twisted a little, then glue all the parts of the vase among themselves.


You can make a vase with your own hands from a glass bottle. The simplest option would be a cone from colored paper fixed around the bottle. This option is so simple that it is suitable for use with children. If there is a desire, then from a plain vase you can make colored, decorating with a cheerful pattern or interesting patterns.

To make a vase from a glass bottle with your own hands, you can also use a hook and thread. If you tie a bottle in a circle, then you will get a kind of cover, using which you can create a semblance of a completely knitted vase. Make beautiful knitted patterns on a vase with your own hands, combine different colors. If knitting is not your horse, you can just tie the bottle with thick threads like cable.

DIY vase of thick cardboard

To make a vase you need to take a cylindrical shape of dense material, for example, cardboard. You need to glue the bottom to the form. The next step will be pasting the form with layers of white paper overlap. Glue needs to be allowed to dry. When it is completely dry, you need to paint the shape of aerosol white paint in the fresh air. Then manually you need to paint the places obtained from the double layer of paper in chocolate color. Naturally, pouring water directly into a vase made by yourself from cardboard, is not worth. Place a glass jar or bottle there, which will not be visible.

DIZA’s vase from gypsum

Making such a vase is a longer and laborious process. But the result will exceed all your expectations. First you need a form (you can take a metal baking dish). Take the plasticine and roll it to the size of the shape, linen the shape itself with waxed paper. Take convex decorative elements, for example, sea shells with which you will leave prints on plasticine. Place a plasticine sample in a form. Pour gypsum. Thus, for a vase with your own hands, you need to make several plates, from which a vase will be made. There can be three, four, five, six, depending on the size.

Fifteen minutes later, take out the plate without waiting for the complete drying of the gypsum to the stone state. Level the protruding parts of the plate, eliminate defects. Then put the tiles on the newspapers on a flat surface until it dries completely.

When the plates dry, in each of them you need to make several holes on the left and right side. Tie all the tiles with a thick thread, sticking them into the holes, install the tied plates vertically on a flat surface. Now you can make the bottom for a vase with your own hands. To do this, pour a little gypsum inside, as soon as it freezes, the top needs to be removed, and the bottom is leveled and cropped.

The plate spilled out of the plate must be covered with cream for shoes, previously diluting it with vegetable oil. The mixture is applied to small areas and immediately washed with a rag. Dried tiles are covered with nitro-varnish.

Inside the vase made with your own hands, you need to put a glass container (bottle or jar).