How to make a stomach flat

A flat stomach is a dream of every woman. This is not just a beautiful part of the body, the flat stomach makes the waist already, but the silhouette is slimmer. Of course, each of us would like to make a flat stomach in the shortest possible time, but this is possible only through surgery, which can have the most sad consequences. Therefore, you need to strive to make a flat stomach, performing physical exercises and eating correctly.

Proper nutrition for a flat stomach

In this case, we will not talk about “miraculous” diets, adhering to which you lose weight quickly and supposedly without consequences. No diet for weight loss will be effective if you do not combine it with exercises. Your body is hunger, you force it to accumulate reserves, so, as soon as you stop a diet, extra pounds will return very quickly, perhaps even more. Yes, and it is unlikely that sagging, unsuccessful skin on the stomach may look attractive.

Proper nutrition implies a balanced combination of products and mode. Give preference to healthy foods – vegetables, fruits, porridge. Do not forget about protein foods that should be contained in your diet, but in a smaller volume than fruits and vegetables. Try to eat less flour, which will not only not make your stomach flat, but also harm the general state of health.

If you believe nutritionists, that is, everything can only be in reasonable quantities. To make a flat stomach, eat not when you want to chew something, but when your stomach is really hungry. Drink enough liquids, natural juices, tea or just water. Plan your mode so that the main amount of food is eaten up to two to three hours of the day, and the dinner is light and consist of fruits, dairy products, vegetables.

Make a flat stomach with exercises

Universal exercises in order to make a flat stomach, does not exist. For each person, the complex is selected individually, the set of exercises depends on the constitution of the body, the predisposition of genetic and many other factors. Each exercise can be adjusted to you under the individual characteristics of your figure to make a flat stomach in a short time.

There are three main types of exercises for the abdominal press that will help make a flat stomach. They are designed for the upper and lower abdominal muscles, as well as for oblique muscles. The most suitable time to perform training is morning. You can do exercises either on an empty stomach, or an hour or two after eating. To make classes as effective as possible, the exercises need to be repeated twenty to twenty -five times, making at least two approaches. The load must be gradually increased.

A set of exercises for a beautiful and flat abdomen

Exercise 1. Take the starting position, lie on your back, bend your legs in your knees, tear your socks from the floor, get your hands behind your head. Exhale, lift the upper part of the body a little so that the shoulder blades come off the floor only a few centimeters. In a breath, return to the initial position. This exercise is designed for the upper muscles of the press, it is guaranteed to help make a flat stomach, since the entire load goes precisely on the muscles of the press, the load on the front muscles of the legs is absent.

Exercise 2. Lie on your back, get your hands behind your head, bend your legs in your knees, bend your feet with an “iron”. Exhale, extend your legs and take them away from you. Control that they remain parallel to the floor. In a breath, return to the initial position.   In this exercise, the whole load falls on the lower muscles of the press, which helps to make a flat stomach.

Exercise 3. Take the starting position from exercise 2. When making an exhalation, tape the right elbow of the left knee, taking a breath, return to the initial position. Then touch the left elbow of the right knee. This exercise involves all the muscles of the abdominal press, including oblique.

Remember to make a flat stomach, exercises must be performed regularly.