How to make a milk cocktail

Dairy cocktail is a favorite summer drink of many of us, and since childhood. It is very simple to make it, it is enough to have a blender or mixer at hand and a minimum set of products. The advantage of milk cocktails is that they can be varied, you can add ingredients at will and taste.

How to make a traditional milk cocktail

To make it, you will need:

– 200-300 grams of ice cream (without filler);

– liter and a half milk;

– syrup (optional).

Beat all the ingredients with a blender or using a mixer, and your milk cocktail is ready. If desired, you can add ice, but this is optional. The proportions can also be changed to make the cocktail as appropriate to your taste.

But the traditional milk cocktail is no longer so interesting for many, because we are always trying to improve something or supplement something. Therefore, many varieties of a milk cocktail appeared.

Dairy cocktail with cream

To make it, you need:

– half a liter of milk;

– two tablespoons of cream (fat content – 33 percent);

– powdered sugar;

– ice (optional);

– filler (optional).

If you use ice, grind it at the very beginning in a blender or kitchen combine. Add cream and glass of milk to ice, sugar powder. Beat everything to a homogeneous mass, then pour the remaining milk and beat again. Add fruits, jam or other fillers to taste.

Dairy cocktail with fruit

To make such a drink, take:

– 250-300 grams of ice cream;

– half a liter of milk or yogurt;

– A glass of favorite fruits.

Mix all the ingredients in a blender or using a mixer. Serve cold.

Coffee milk cocktail

Making it is quite simple. Have to take:

– 150-200 grams of ice cream;

– liter of milk;

– strong natural custard coffee;

– honey (several spoons).

Mix all the ingredients, decorate with pieces of fruit.

Lemon milk cocktail

Make it like that. Buy:

– 50 grams of lemon ice cream;

– 150-200 milliliters of lemon juice;

– 500 grams of canned fruits;

– lemonade.

Put ice cream and fruits in a creamy or glass. Pour with lemon juice and leave for 0 minutes. Complete the glass with lemonade and you can enjoy the taste of a lemon milk cocktail.

How to make a milk cocktail with a banana


– a glass of milk;

– 400 grams of ice cream;

– 350 grams of ripe peeled bananas.

Put several pieces of ice cream in a blender and pour them with milk, then add bananas. Beat everything to a homogeneous mass.

Strawberry milk cocktail

To make it, prepare:

– two cups of strawberry yogurt (glasses of 80 grams);

– 2 cups of strawberries;

– 100 grams of ice cream

– a glass of milk.

Beat everything with a blender until a homogeneous mass.