How to make a medium hair styling

Both long and short hair must be maintained very carefully, and such haircuts are not suitable for everyone. They are popular with medium -length hairstyles, they can be easily changed quite often, and they do not require such care as short. The number of types of haircuts for the average length is large, you can choose a haircut for any style and image.

It is easy to transform a hairstyle of medium length, both for a daily image and for festive evenings. It is too costly to use the services of a hairdresser every day, to create an ideal image, it is enough to know the secrets of styling at home.

What you need for styling?

For styling, special fences, spoiler, curling iron, curlers, thermogram, diffuser, an iron are required, using these devices you can create an amazing hairstyle. Also necessary are gels, mousses, masks, shampoos, varnishes, balms, air conditioners. Should be soldered by invisibles, studs, hairpins.

For freshness and evenness of the hairstyle, the tips should often be trimmed. Any styling must be chosen under the individual’s personality.

Use a hair dryer without any nozzles, it is necessary for drying the roots, which gives additional volume, you can not use a hair dryer for its entire power, a light flow of warm air will be enough. Laying itself should be performed using a diffuser, a nozzle special on the hair dryer, with which you can strengthen the desired shape. Before laying, it is recommended to use various cosmetics for laying.

How to straighten or cut hair?

It is necessary to straighten the curly curls with the help of an iron, also not at all power, otherwise even the most healthy hair can be damaged, since the hot effect on the hair is very thinner.

It is not recommended to use a curling iron often, this is the most harmful way of laying, spoilers or curlers are better suited.

Beigudi can be curled before bedtime, they will not interfere with healthy sleep, but it is often not recommended to use them, this mainly leads to headaches and split ends. For a faster result, you can use thermal shutters. It is better to wind them on a little wet strands.

Any hairstyle is fixed with varnish, which is applied only to cooled hair.


Each type of haircut has its own styling. For example, for a square you can build youth or romantic styling. Youth styling consists in a collected and disheveled tail, which at the end of the creation of the image is fixed with varnish. You can create a romantic styling by twisting on large strands of curlers, and be fixed by the roots with varnish. A delightful bob haircut can be laid naturally and on the evening, on the evening – twisted by curlers, natural – drying with a hairdryer, combed in one side and the other alternately, and then the rear roots.

The cascade can simply be dried, or you can dry with the gel with the desired shape.