How to make a hairstyle

Beautiful well -groomed hair has been considered one of the main signs of femininity at all times, so the fair sex has always paid great attention to hair care and their styling. But since many women do not always have a time or material opportunity to visit an expensive beauty salon, they choose a simpler alternative: make an exquisite hairstyle on their own. Learning this is not so difficult. How to make a magnificent hairstyle on long hair if you do not have enough time to make something difficult on your head and requiring a large time of time, you can always remember the good old hairstyle “Ponytail”. She probably can easily be possible even to the most inexperienced beginner hairdresser. The main thing at the same time is that the assembled bundle looks neat and unnecessary strands do not get out of it. If desired, this hairstyle can be complicated: not just make a “tail” from the hair, but also wrap it with a strand. This usually looks pretty beautiful and at the same time helps to mask the elastic band. To make this original hairstyle, you will not need a lot of effort: you just need to pull out a small strand out of the tail, wrap it around the elastic several times and fix the end well. Fans of a more free, natural, style will appeal to a hairstyle, which is called a “sloppy tail”. A little disheveled hair sometimes looks more spectacular than smooth and alleged. To make such a tail, it is necessary to comb it slightly or pull out several thin strands from the elastic band. For young girls, a hairstyle called “Bank Bun” is ideal. After a short training, you can make it quickly enough. To do this, the hair is collected in a high tail, after which one strand is separated in front (somewhere one fifth of the entire tail). The rest of the hair is divided into two parts and bend inward, so that the bbar ears are formed. The ends are hidden in the hairstyle, and the ears are tightly attached by invisible to the head. Next, you need to do the following: the front strand is thrown through the ears, and then around the resulting bow to hide the elastic band. Its end is fixed, and several studs are inserted into the bow for strength. If you want to make a truly romantic hairstyle on long hair, the best option would be a braid that has many different variations. It can be a spikelet wrapped around the head, a bun from a braid, a cos-koron, a French braid-you can only choose. Options for hairstyles for medium -length hair if it is difficult for you to take care of long hair and you decided to make it shorter, do not worry: there are many options for medium -length hair also. The most popular haircuts in this case are Kare and Bob. The difference between one hairstyle and another is that a bang is necessarily made in the square, and in Bob it is absent. It is better for owners of thin hair to make a graduated haircut, which visually give them splendor and volume. A hairstyle with elongated front strands looks very stylish and sexy. However, do not forget that in this case it is not enough just to make it: you will have to allocate time for styling every day, although it is worth it. If your hair is below the shoulders by 7-10 cm, pay attention to the haircut in the form of a “ladder”: it is universal, t. e. On its basis, you can make the most original hairstyle, so lovers of frequent shifts of the image will be delighted with her. Medium -length haircut makes it possible to correctly adjust the face flaws. So, a short neck will look longer if you make a flat haircut to the line of the shoulders, and the hairstyle of the “ladder” will help to visually make your face more thin. Short hair haircuts, despite the biased opinion that a short haircut does not look very feminine, it provides a wide scope for the realization of the most daring fantasies. So, if you decide to make a modern stylish hairstyle, pay attention to the haircut “Gavrosh”. Its classic version looks as follows: hair in the temples and foreheads and cut it very short on the crown, and long strands are left behind. You can also make a hairstyle “hat” on short hair. In this case, the hair around the perimeter of the head is cut very briefly: approximately to the level of the ear, and they are shaved from behind, leaving only a small hedgehog. The haircut looks quite extravagant, so not everyone is suitable. Other most popular hairstyles for short hair include shortened square and bob, as well as “seson” and “Page”. Thus, making a hairstyle at home for hair of various lengths will not be difficult for you if you make certain efforts to master the basics of hairdressing art.