How to make a frame with your own hands

Of all the products that can be made with your own hands, the frame is especially popular, because it is not difficult to make it even to beginners, and the range of its use is quite wide. With the help of such an accessory, you can beautifully design a picture, photo, embroidery. In addition, the frame, whether it is wooden or cardboard, makes it possible to realize the most daring fantasies and use any improvised materials for this. If you decide to make such a present, created by a relative or friend, they will probably be delighted, because this is a memory for many years. How to make an original frame for photos a kind of framing for your favorite photo can be made with your own hands very simply if you take ordinary cardboard and dried bobs of peas. Before proceeding with the manufacture of the frame, you should decide what size it should be done so that it approaches your picture well. The advantages of such a product made by yourself, just that, unlike the store, it can be adjusted to the most non -standard photo. Cut two blanks of the required value from cardboard. Place the photo in the center of one of the blanks and circle its outline. In order to make the frame with your own hands correctly, you must remember that it should be more than a picture of 2-3 cm. In this case, the window for the photograph should be slightly smaller than her (somewhere 0, 5 cm for each side). After thorough marking, it must be cut out. Then glue the peas on the resulting frame: this can be done both strict even rows, and in a chaotic disorder. Such a do -it -yourself craft will be a wonderful decoration of the interior of any room. To make it more colorful and durable, after the glue dries, paint the frame in a suitable color. Of course, you can use a spray gun for this, but if you paint your product with your own hands, it will look more natural. After that, it remains to cover it with a layer of decorative varnish, glue both blanks and make a leg of a leg from cardboard if the picture is on the table or loop if it hangs on the wall. A simple frame for embroidery with a cross if you want to make an embroidery with your own hands, for this you need to do not so much. Buy suitable for the frame, in your opinion, wooden rail. This can be done in stores for needlewomen, where for those who like to create anything with their own hands are a variety of materials in the assortment. After that, it is necessary to trim the excess canvas on the embroidery so that 1, 5 cm remains on each of the sides. Then we cut out the base from neat plywood or cardboard folder according to the size of the embroidery. In order for embroidery to be well fixed in the frame, it is necessary to do the following: slightly smear the cardboard or plywood with PVA glue and glue the embroidery on it. Do your own work with your own hands so that there are no mounds on it. Now it is necessary to correctly cut off at an angle of 45 degrees the rail selected for the frame so that the inner side of the bar is equal to the width or length of the embroidery, and the outer side is width or the length of the plywood. If you are not sure that you are able to do it with your own hands, it is better to contact a professional. After that, the rails are also glued to the base with embroidery. How to make a wooden frame yourself to make a stylish frame with your own hands, you need to cut a bar or a sliced ​​from the tree tree. Before starting work, it is advisable to do the following: well to be tossed and treated with grinding paper wood. This can be done with your own hands, because this does not require special skills and special equipment. The ends of the planks are drank at an angle of 45 degrees. To make the frame even and neat, it is better to do it with the help of a stir – a special device with connectors. It is usually not difficult to stick to each other with your own hands, the main thing is to fix the corners of the product. To do this, they can be tied with twine or fixed in halves of the brackets from the stapler. After staggering the glue, the frame must be treated once again with emery and covered with a layer of paint or varnish. The reverse side can also be made with your own hands from fiberboard or dense cardboard. As you could notice, it is very simple to make the original frame with your own hands, while it will be truly unique and unique.