How to make a cement screed

Cement screed is the most popular type of screed. In this case, the connecting component here is Portland cement of different types. It is made of ground limestone and natural clay. Also make a screed of aluminum cement, but this happens much less often.

First you need to prepare a solution of clean construction sand and from cement (Portland cement) in a ratio of 3: 1. And if the solution is already prepared, then just moisten it with water. The solution is placed between the rails, they should be as height as the planned screed. Then the inherent solution is leveled with a special board, having previously upset it with a sheet of steel. You need to start a screed from windows to the door. So that the floor is perfectly even, it is necessary to ironly be iron.

Then they sprinkle the surface with cement and grind with a wooden half. You can also grout along with cement mortar and laying. This method has advantages – the low labor intensity and strength of the compounding layers. However, there are also disadvantages – this is a rough surface. After this process, you can begin to manufacture the basements of this gender.