How to make a balloon

Making a balloon at home is a very interesting activity, which, however, requires a serious approach. Naturally, to make a balloon on which you can raise a person into the air – a rather unsafe undertaking. Therefore, if you came up with the idea of ​​creating a balloon with your own hands, it is better to dwell on the options used to launch into the air without a person on board.

How to make a balloon from improvised means

A balloon launched indoors

To make a balloon, you will need cigarette paper, old newspapers, thick paper, threads, carpentry liquid glue or starch fabric, ruler, square.  

First you need to glue the sheets of cigarette paper among themselves in width, the length should be 2400 millimeters. Then make the blanks of the shell stripes. To do this, you need to fold the old newspaper in half in length, make the pattern so that in the narrowest place the size is 45 millimeters (up and below), and in the widest (in the middle) – 200 millimeters.  Cut and expand the newspaper. The pattern must be fixed with paper clips in the middle of a stack of cigarette papers, and then scissors make a cut of the part with a margin of 5 millimeters on each side. Lay the details, spread the second, fourth sixth with glue and so on the details, then you need to connect the vapors, wrapping one edge to the other, and then glue the vapors among themselves. Before the very last glue, the balloon must be turned in the seams inward.

The next step is to make a ring from a strip of cardboard and glue it to the shell from the inside. By the pattern, make a star from colored paper. Attach the loop to the star, for this you need to cut out the gap of 10 millimeters in the center, insert a strip of paper folded in half into it, and glue it from the inside. Then the star itself is glued to the top of the balloon.

Having made a balloon, you must make sure of its tightness. To do this, fill it with air using the fan. The detected cracks must be sealed with pieces of papiger. After the glue dries, the ball is ready to launch. To fill it with warm air, you can use a household hair dryer.

It is better to start such a balloon together, one person holds it by the loop, the second fills with air. Such a balloon is launched in a large room.

Battle launched outdoor

The best option would be to make a balloon with a diameter of one and a half meters, which will consist of 12 lanes.

First you need to make a strip template. Prepare large sheets of printed paper, from which you glue a strip 240 centimeters long and 40 centimeters wide. On this long strip, draw 13 transverse lines at a distance of 200 millimeters from each other. The length of the lower line should be 70 millimeters, then upward 150, 230, 290, 350, 390, 400, 390, 350, 280, 190, 100 millimeters. Make their ends with crooked lines by making a template, then cut it.

Glue 12 of the same stripes from cigarette paper, fold them with a pile, put the template on top and cut all the strips with scissors along it. On the edge of each strip, make an allowance 10 millimeters wide.

First glue two stripes in pairs. Thus, you will receive six parts of the ball that will have the form of boats. Then glue all the parts with each other. Before you gluing the last seam of the balloon, turn it in the seam inward.

The lower hole of the ball must be pasted with paper. To do this, take a strip of paper 16 centimeters wide, fold in half along the length, put the edges of the ball in the bend and glue thick paper on both sides. Glue the upper hole with a “hat” of cigarette paper.

When you made a balloon, dilute a small bonfire. Hold the shell of the ball with your hands from the sides, fill it through the lower hole with smoke and warm air. Carefully inspect it if there are holes on the seams, they need to be sealed with pieces of cigarette paper.

To make a balloon launch, dilute a bonfire of paper or dry chips, cover with a pipe or a bucket bent from tin or a bucket. Bring the neck of the ball to the upper opening of the pipe, which must be held by the paper strip. When the balloon is filled with warm air, it needs to be released.