How to love a guy

Almost any girl at least once in her life fell into a situation where she was loved, but she did not. However, not everyone is deciding to refuse the guy, and some are sincerely trying to love him. If you also encounter this problem and do not know how to love a guy, try to turn to one of the advice specified in the article.

First of all, think about whether you really need to love a guy. As you know, it is impossible to force yourself to love someone, so you should not suffer if you do not get it. Know: Love can be successfully replaced by other feelings that will help you build a prosperous relationship.

It is also necessary to remember that there are different stages of love:

Love, passion. This is the primary stage of love, many believe that if passion is gone, there is no love. This is the main mistake of inexperienced girls, because passion is only the beginning.

Emotional affection. At this stage, passion and love pass, relationships are losing romance.

Habit. Emotional attachment fades a little, but imagine your life without this person.

The most difficult thing is to love a person precisely at the first stage of the relationship, but if you start immediately with the second, everything is possible.

If you decide that you still want to love the guy, follow our tips.

First of all, determine for yourself all the positive features of a person, because it is thanks to them that you can love him. If possible, try to focus on these features, especially in moments when it annoys you. If it is difficult for you to highlight the positive features of the guy, then try to act from the reverse.

Write on a piece of paper all the features of the guy that you do not like or annoy you. Now try to choose a certain advantage of the guy for each drawback. Thus, in moments when he annoy you, you can focus on a certain advantage of it.

Also try to focus on any positive actions of a guy more often. Perhaps he gives you flowers for no reason. Maybe he is worried about whether you have eaten. And how nice it is when he remembers what exactly you love: what kind of movie, what ice cream, where do you like to go. All these evidence of love will help you attach yourself to the guy and love him.

To emotionally attach to the guy, you need to talk more time with him. Find common topics, common points of view and argue about what you disagree with him. You will see that after a certain time it will be difficult for you to present your day without these conversations.

If possible, find the maximum number of classes that you can deal with together. Believe me, to love a guy with whom you are interested in is much easier. Sign up for language courses, go hiking, watch a movie or play computer games – any of these classes bring you closer, and also give more topics for conversations.

If it seems to you that in appearance your boyfriend is too far from the type that you usually like, talk to the guy about it and try to change him. Perhaps you want him to go to the gym – buy a subscription to the gym and go together. This will not only help your boyfriend pump up, but also help you keep yourself in shape. Perhaps you want to change his style of clothing, hairstyle – all this is very easy, so do not be afraid to change him.

If you fail to love the guy in any way, you do not need to execute yourself for this and consider yourself soulless. Perhaps this relationship is not worth it and it will be better if you part. Or maybe you will be able to maintain this relationship without love.