How to lighten your hair over your lip

In ancient Rome, a woman with a dark fluff above the upper lip was considered passionate and therefore especially attractive. Information has survived that those who wanted to seem “hot” Romans even specially stained the hairs with dark dyes or glued an additional fluff above the upper lip. It is unlikely that any of the contemporaries will understand this, rather consider the disadvantage, equates to a defect in appearance, which you need to urgently get rid of.

But there are representatives of the fair sex who are afraid to remove the hairs, pluck or tear off with wax, horror stories that “once you remove, then you have to repeat the procedure” are still relevant. You can then try to lighten your hair over your lip, it is not so scary and radical. Just how to do it, and what means?

No one paints a woman like hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide – tested for decades, a well -known and simple way. Three percent solutions are sold in pharmacies, quite weak in terms of lightening, they are more suitable for disinfection of small wounds, but therefore relatively safe, which is a plus. To achieve a visible result, moisten the cotton wool in the solution and attach at least 5 minutes to the skin area on which the notorious antennae grow. Repeat this action as often as possible. The minus of the procedure is peroxide, which has been in contact with the skin for a long time, most likely, will cause irritation, so make sure that the procedure does not cause discomfort.

Peroxide is stronger – with a large clarifying effect, you can cook yourself. Buy tablets and dissolve it in water in the right proportion. For example, one tablet of peroxide per milliliter of water will give a thirty percent solution. Moisten a cotton wool or a cotton pad and either hold for a while, like ordinary hair dye, or just wipe your antennae more often. If you do this daily, then gradually they will become invisible. In specialized stores, you can also find special, already finished compositions based on peroxide for applying to the face.

One paint on all parts of the body

In order not to suffer, how to lighten the hair over the lip with an independent composition and everyday application of a weak solution of peroxide, you can … buy in the store the usual hair dye “Scandinavian blond”, “platinum blond”, etc. P., The main thing is that there should be an inscription on the package that it brightens the hair not on 2-4 (this is not enough, the hairs may seem unpleasant red shade), but 4-6 tones. Yes, the instructions do not say that it can dye the hair above the lip, but the opposite is not indicated, the only warning about the inadmissibility of application on the eyebrows and hair, but this is understandable, for those there is their own paint. Resourceful women and girls have long been using ordinary hair dye on their heads to lighten, for example, hairs on their hands, so why not apply it for a gun above the upper lip?

Original folk remedies

If very dark and thick hair over your upper lip does not bother you, rather-a light fluff, which you don’t want to pluck it, try to turn to the so-called folk remedies. They are soft, do not tint the hair very much, but an additional bonus from their use will be absolute harmlessness and even benefit.

The basis of most of them are lemon juice. Add yogurt or sour cream to it (or any other natural component, suitable, in your opinion, for a useful mask) – you get a brightening composition containing soft natural components and vitamins.

Whatever the remedy you choose, remember: if your skin is dark, the question: how to lighten your hair over your lip, should not stand. Bright they will look worse than dark, because a white fluff on a dark background stands out noticeably and looks ugly. It is better to contact the good old wax hair removal (it is easy to spend at home) or contact a cosmetologist.