How to lighten hair color

Blond hair is always in fashion. This color gives the hair an additional volume, due to which their owners look younger. In order not to be like a cheap blonde, lightening with a solution of peroxide, you need to constantly take care of your hair. You can regularly visit a hairdresser or find out how to lighten hair color with folk remedies.

You can lighten hair at home with both natural and chemical dyes. The former can make hair only slightly lighter, but they are completely safe. Chemicals are more effective, but they cannot be called harmless. The easiest way to change the hair color with dye: you need to purchase the desired shade in the store and, following the instructions, dye your hair. But there are no guarantees that the desired color will be obtained. Several factors at once affect the result: a feature of the hair, what means were previously used to care for the hair and the quality of the paint itself.

To achieve the desired result, it is better, first, cut off a small strand of hair, apply paint on it and wait until it dries completely. If you liked the color, you can already dye all your hair. Those who do not like to experiment, you should visit a beauty salon. An experienced master knows what colors are suitable for a particular type of hair. But there are also no guarantees, since the opinions of a specialist and client may not coincide with a “suitable” shade.

Natural hair lightening products

An excellent alternative to paints are folk remedies. Young girls, reflecting on the question of how to lighten hair color, should give preference to this option. Below are several natural tools with which you can lighten the hair at home.

Lemon. It has clarifying properties and gives the hair an additional volume. Based on lemon, products are made to remove age spots. To prepare a solution for clarifying hair, you need to squeeze the juice of 2-3 lemons into a special container and dilute it with ordinary water. Rinse the hair with the resulting solution and leave for several hours. Then you need to wash off everything with water. The procedure is recommended to be repeated every other day. You can get the effect only in the case of regular procedures.

Chamomile. Chamomile flowers are suitable for girls who want to give their hair a golden hue. Ways to lighten hair color with chamomile – a lot. The method is considered the most effective that involves the use of a decoction. To prepare it, pour flowers with water (500 ml.), close the capacity with a lid, wait 30-40 minutes, strain. A decoction should be applied to the hair while shaking the head. It is recommended to repeat the procedure every two days.

Honey. To lighten your hair with honey, you need to wash your head with shampoo, adding a pinch of soda to it. Heated honey should be evenly applied to wet strands. Then you need to cover your head with a film. The desired result can only be obtained if you leave the honey mask for 8-10 hours. Honey not only changes the color of the hair, but also prevents the cross -section of the tips.

Hair lightening with hydrogen peroxide

This method cannot be called completely safe, but it is able to lighten even black hair. Specialists who know many ways how to lighten the color of the hair, recommend women not to overexpose a solution of peroxide. Long -term contact with hair remedies can damage their ends. The intensity of clarification using this method depends on the time of holding the solution on the hair and on its concentration.

Hydrogen peroxide is still mixed with ammonia, which helps to open strands scales and significantly accelerates the process of hydrogen release from the solution. Thick hair should be brightened with 8% peroxide, 6% solution is more suitable for strands of medium thickness, for thin hair – 5%.