How to learn how to quickly print

The computer has become an almost integral part of life for many of us. Sitting at the computer, we work, communicate with friends and acquaintances, look for useful information. All these actions can be associated with one difficulty – low print speed. Therefore, many people think about how to learn how to quickly type text in order to save time.

In fact, it is not so difficult to do it. To learn how to quickly print on the keyboard, you need a little perseverance, patience and desire. And of course, it takes time, for each time it will be different, but with regular classes, everyone can learn to quickly print.

Stages of training

People who print on the keyboard can be divided into two categories: those that print two or three fingers and look at the keyboard and those that print ten fingers, despite the keyboard. Naturally, I print the second much faster.

Learn to quickly print using all ten fingers, it is important not only to save time. If you print with two or three fingers, you create a colossal load for them, while not only the print speed drops, but joint diseases can develop. Therefore, start learning to quickly print as soon as possible.

First of all, you will help you learn a blind ten -pallpass method of printing a special keyboard simulator. Naturally, to achieve the result, your classes should be regular. Do not forget about daily practice, experience a blind ten -pale printing method not only during exercises on the simulator, but also with the usual use of the Internet.

When you begin to feel that you began to successfully learn to quickly type text, you can proceed to the next stage. You must fix the acquired skills. Make a diary in which you will print at least the page of the text every day. Or actively communicate on forums, chats and other resources. When you feel that you manage to learn how to print quickly, you will have excitement, and interactivity stimulates an increase in the speed of the set.

But at this stage it is not necessary to achieve high speed. The main thing is to feel lightness and ease in recruitment. To learn how to quickly type text, you need to bring your actions to automatism. When you do everything on the machine, then you can proceed to an increase in speed.

Start learning to quickly print with short simple texts, scraping time and each time accelerating the pace. Each time your result should become better. Gradually, the texts should lengthen and become more complicated.

To learn how to quickly print, pay attention to numbers, punctuation and symbols, long words. As a rule, the speed drops when you print them. Therefore, they must be worked out first, and then enter into the texts dotted.

An alternative way

One way, using which you can learn to quickly type text, is experimental and rather radical. To apply it, you will have to seal or erase all the inscriptions on the keyboard. By this, you exclude the temptation to look at the keyboard during work and training.