How to lay tiles on the walls in the bathroom

Before laying the tiles, it is necessary to clean the walls, level all the defects of the wall, smear the cracks. To do this, you can use a special putty-mixture. Can be ordinary cement mortar. If there are the remains of the old tile, then it must be completely removed and the walls are leveled with a thin screed.

If the tile is placed on the entire wall, then you should begin to put it from the far corner, from the ceiling. When laying tiles only on a working surface, styling must start with the floor.

In order for the tile to lay down smoothly, it is necessary to use beacons, measurements are made for this, and the cord thread is pulled. Check its horizontal using the level. Then you can start laying tiles. It is advisable to separate tiles from each other with the help of special plastic crosses. Each element of the tile after laying must be immediately wiped with a dry soft cloth to remove the remaining glue or cement solution. Each seam is smoothed out with a finger or special device. After laying, the seams can be painted with a special paint for tile seams.