How to lay a skirting board with your own hands?

The installation of the skirting board largely depends on its type. Today, types such as wooden skirting boards, veneered, laminated, flexible and plastic are common. Each of them should be attached in different ways. A wooden skirting board is usually attached to liquid nails, which makes the installation fast and comfortable, and dismantling is quite complicated.

It is easy to use suitable glue and apply a few drops of glue to equal gaps. It is necessary not to glue on the wallpaper, but to the wall itself. Therefore, before laying the plinth, expose a small section of the wall. If this is not done, then the skirting board will leave with the wallpaper.

Openced skirting boards can be installed by different methods. You can put it on liquid nails, or you can on clips. The method of action is the same as that of a wooden baseboard.

Flexible plinth is an innovation. Can be attached completely differently. Usually – these are liquid nails. The skirting board is heated by a hairdryer, then it is given the necessary shape, after which the skirting board is already glued to the wall with liquid nails. In addition, a flexible baseboard can be installed using self -tapping screws.

To install a laminated skirting board around the perimeter of the premises, skirting planks are attached to the wall, on which the skirting board itself is already installed. The advantage of this method in light dismantling. It is enough to unfasten the damaged skirting bar and put in its place a new.

Plastic skirting boards are attached using clip, which are mounted with screws to the wall. The plinth planks themselves are attached with ordinary snap. Before installing the baseboard, do not forget to hide the wires under it. Dismantling is carried out in the same way – by clicking/clicking the baseboard.