How to increase the bust

Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts, so they strive to increase it in all ways. If you think that your bust is also not enough volume, then you should get acquainted with the ways of changing its size.

On the Internet and not only you are probably offered many options how to increase the bust. However, the search for a kind of ideal way to do this has been dedicated for many years.

Western women prefer to increase the bust, turning to a plastic surgeon. In this case, silicone implants are inserted into the chest, allowing you to change the size as much as you like. In addition, this allows you to adjust the shape of the chest, which is also useful.

But we often have problems with this, because quite a lot of operations are not successful. In our country, there are frequent cases when the body rejects implants and they have to be removed.

Plastic surgery is a rather controversial and not the safest method to increase the bust, so let’s get acquainted with other ways to do this.

How to increase a bust without plastic surgery

One way to increase breast size is a vacuum massager. You can buy it today anywhere, it is actively advertised. The essence of the work of this massager is this: something like a glass is dressed on the chest. A vacuum is created inside it, after which it is dumped. Due to this, blood flow in the chest is stimulated, blood circulation improves. As a result, the chest becomes more fit and elastic, the mammary gland increases. It is difficult to say what effect is actually such a massage gives. Some ladies claim that this helped them increase the bust by 1 size, while others talk about minimal changes. With a vacuum massager you need to be neat. Since the chest is very sensitive, constant mechanical effect can harm it.

The second option that will help you increase the bust is physiotherapeutic procedures. As a rule, their essence is the selection of special tools with which wraps are made. They often include extracts of herbs, algae, therapeutic mud, blue clay, etc. Wraps using these funds will not only help you increase the bust, but also reduce the manifestation of cellulite, will help adjust the figure.

If you do not want to contact this problem in clinics or cosmetic salons, you can order homeopathic remedies and phytosborneborns for conducting house procedures. However, the effectiveness of this method is very doubtful and no one will guarantee that you can increase the bust.

Exercises to increase the bust

The easiest and most effective way to slightly increase the size of the bust is to train the chest muscles. Of course, this will not bring you a colossal effect, but it will make the breasts a little more and tighten.

Before performing this set of exercises, you need to make a warm -up.

The first exercise that will help you increase the bust is performed on the bench. The back of the bench must be set at an angle of 30 degrees. You need to take dumbbells in your hands and raise them up. Bending the arms at the elbows, the weight is slowly lowered to the chest level, after which they return to their original position.

The second exercise is also performed on the bench, but sitting. To increase the bust, you need to pick up dumbbells and raise them up. Now bend your elbows and lower your hands so that your elbows are at chest level. The exercise is performed as follows: from this position, dilute the bent arms to the sides, and then return them to its original position.

Push -ups will also help to increase the bust, while the hands should be widely placed, and when squeezing the elbows should “look” to the sides.

If you do not have to increase the size of the chest, but still I want it to look beautiful in the neckline, you can adjust its shape or size using special bras. True, men do not really like this way to “increase” the bust, since they believe that they are trying to deceive them.

Before you increase the bust, think about whether you really need it. After all, there is probably one who does not care what your chest size is.