How to increase the ass

Woman’s brain is a real mystery. Almost any woman finds the shortcomings in her appearance. Moreover, we are too exposed to fashion: today we are shown on the catwalk of skinny models and we rush to lose weight, and tomorrow we look at more magnificent models and dream of having the same appetizing roundness as they are. How to lose weight – everyone knows, but how to increase the ass, in order to at least a little closer to the star standard?

Remember one simple thing: today there is no way to quickly increase the ass, so you will have to be patient and gradually move towards the intended goal.

How to visually increase the ass

The easiest way to increase the ass is visual, dressing the right clothes. Of course, this method does not work very well on the beach when you have a minimum of clothes, but it’s still possible.

If you want to visually increase your ass, you need to review the wardrobe and leave in it those things that visually make the lower body a little more. For these purposes, skirts are suitable, narrowed jeans and trousers, and tulpana dresses. You will also help you will help you to visually increase the ass in which pockets are placed in the thighs.

Trying to increase the ass, do not get carried away with free clothes, as it can, on the contrary, ruin your silhouette, making it less clear.

If you wish, you can also buy linen into which silicone tabs are sewn, designed to visually increase the ass. But you are unlikely to like it, as such linen looks unattractive.

How to enlarge the ass with nutrition

Another simple way to increase the ass is more and gain weight. Pay your attention to the products saturated with complex carbohydrates and proteins: cottage cheese, cereals, seafood, fish. Be sure to eat foods with vegetable fats, in particular, nuts and olive oil.

Nevertheless, try not to get carried away with sweets and fatty foods, otherwise the growth of your buttocks may get out of control.

Why precisely protein foods are preferable? It helps to pump up muscles, which means your priest will increase in size, but will be fit and beautiful. Keep in mind that there will be no results without classes in the gym and you risk just growing up.

Exercises to increase buttocks

Ideally, to increase the ass, you need to regularly visit the gym and download the hips and buttocks. The instructor in the gym will help you choose the food and select for you a set of exercises designed to make your ass more. Be sure to eat protein products before and after training. Remember that it is not recommended to eat later than an hour before the start of training.

How to deal with you can increase your fifth point?

Most coaches will tell you that squats with cargo are just an ideal exercise for these purposes. It is important to perform exercises slowly enough, while at the bottom it is advisable to linger for a few seconds. Also try to squat as low as possible.

Another good exercise that will help you increase the ass is lunges with and without a load. This exercise also needs to be performed slowly enough to get the maximum effect. Make sure your supporting leg is bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Usually dumbbells are used as a cargo, but you can replace them with bottles of sand or water, books, etc.

Another obligatory exercise for you is the abduction of the legs back. You can do this exercise, kneeling or standing straight. The exercise is performed as follows: take your leg back, hold it for about 10-15 seconds, then return to the head.

Exercises are best performed every other day, while each exercise must be performed 15 times. At first you can make only two approaches, but eventually try to increase the number of approaches to 4-5.