How to grow cucumbers on a windowsill

To grow cucumbers on the windowsill, you do not need a lot of costs. But at any time of the year, regardless of the season, the hostess will be able to please her households and guests with fresh cucumbers. The main advantages of the garden on the windowsill are saving money and receiving a quality product, without nitrates and other chemistry. You can grow a good harvest only in the presence of a large amount of light and heat (southern, southwestern or southeastern side) and the absence of drafts. On autumn and winter, daylight hours are short, so you should take care of the acquisition of fluorescent lamps, because to grow cucumbers, you need light at least 10-12 hours a day. The organization of a mini-ogorod on the windowsill can grow cucumbers on the windowsill in large flower pots, boxes and even polyethylene bags, the main thing is to provide good drainage. To do this, at the bottom of the container you need to make several holes, and pour a layer of gravel or gravel to the bottom. Under the container, a tray for collecting excess water is necessarily installed, without which water flowing out of the pot can pour the windowsill. To grow strong, strong plants, for each of them you need to take about 5 kg of soil. It can be bought in a store, or you can cook it yourself, mixing in equal parts of chernozem, humus and peat. To grow really strong and strong cucumbers on the windowsill, for every 5 kg of the mixture you can add 1 tablespoon of chalk and superphosphate and 1 cup of ash. If you want to grow good cucumbers, such a soil composition will be optimal. We plant cucumbers and begin to care for them usually the crop on the window is going from March to November, but you can grow cucumbers on the windowsill and in winter. Planting cucumbers on the windowsill can be in two ways – seedlings and heartless. In the first case, cucumbers are sown in small pots (or plastic cups). For better germination, seeds can be germinated by wrapping them for 8-10 hours in a wet flannel or gauze. Transplants seedlings no earlier than the appearance of 3-4 sheets on plants. If the seeds are sown immediately in pots or boxes, you need to cover them with a film after sowing and put in a warm place. After your very small cucumbers on the windowsill will grow up, the film is removed from the plants. In order to grow a whip on the plant, the stem must be fixed (approximately over the 4th or 5th sheets). By the time the lashes appear on the windowsill, a ladder 1, 5-2 m high on the windowsill, or, as an option, stick into a pot of several wooden strips of the same height and then tie the lashes to them. To grow juicy, delicious cucumbers on the windowsill, they must often be watered – almost daily, but a little so that the water does not stagnate. Water should not be cold! A day later, cucumbers can be sprayed with water from a spray gun. It is necessary to ensure that the roots of the plants do not be exposed and add the ground in time. To feed plants, you can use mineral fertilizers (no more than once a week) or water them with infusion of wood ash. On fertilized soils, you can grow more cucumbers. When buying seeds, it is important to pay attention to that indicator that is self -pollinating or not. If the plant is not able to poll off independently, to grow cucumbers on the windowsill, artificial pollination is required. It is necessary to disrupt the men’s flower (empty -flowered), tear the petals and pollen of stamens several times touch the stigmas of the pestle of the female flower (with a tie). After this procedure, the female flower dries, and the fetus begins to develop. Time to harvest from the windowsill if you have been able to grow fruits, it is necessary to remove the cucumbers on time so as not to overload the lashes of the plant. Indoor cucumbers are picky and in order to grow crop, it will take a lot of time and the most careful care. But this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The pleasure of the fact that it turned out to grow a real garden on the windowsill, balcony or veranda will repeat all the efforts you spent many times. Varieties of cucumbers, in order to grow on the windowsill an excellent harvest for the choice of varieties you need a thorough approach, since not all cucumbers can be grown on the windowsill. There are special varieties of cucumbers, which are called – indoor. The most popular of them are Rytov’s cucumbers, “prestige”, “Klinsky”, “September”. Adapted for growing on the windowsill of the Moscow Greenhouse and “Russian” variety. These varieties give a large crop – with proper care on one plant, you can grow up to 20 normal cucumbers.