How to go to a sauna right

The sauna has a positive effect on the human body and contributes to the cure and prevention of many diseases. To feel its beneficial effect on yourself, you need to go to the sauna correctly.

If you learn to go to the sauna correctly, then your body will receive the following:

Strengthening immunity. Raccation risk reducing. Activation of the work of the sweat glands. Improving water-salt metabolism. Improving the condition of the skin. Improving appetite, increasing performance, removing stress.

How to go to the sauna correctly: preparation

Visiting a sauna is a multi -stage “ritual” that requires a certain time. Do not think that you can go to the sauna for a while, so highlight at least 1 for this. 5 hours to carry out the procedure correctly.

Before visiting the steam room, you need to visit a shower during which it is not recommended to use a gel or soap. This will help you wash off all the excess from your skin – perfumes, sweat, dirt, creams. After the shower, you need to carefully wipe off with a towel. Remember that your hair cannot be wetted, otherwise your head in a steam room can overheat.

Also, be sure to remove any metal products from yourself to avoid burns. It is most correct to go to the steam room naked, but if you are forced to be dressed, avoid synthetic clothing.

If you want to go into a steam room correctly, take a towel with you – it will come in handy to sit on a shell that can be very hot. To protect your head from overheating, you can take a woolen cap.

How to go to a sauna correctly: Premised conditions

If you want to go to the sauna correctly, do not visit it with a crowded stomach since in the steam room there is an outflow of blood from the stomach, which worsens digestion.

Refuse smoking and alcohol – this significantly increases the load on the heart, so visiting the sauna can end sadly.

Physical overloads are also very dangerous, this applies to sex. Sauna is a place for relaxation, not physical exertion.

While in a steam room, listen to your body. Some believe that going to the sauna is right is to be in a steam room as long as possible. This is not entirely true: you need to be in a steam room until it is comfortable for you.

Do not lie on the stones too much water to avoid burns of steam.

The perfect position in the steam room is lying, raising his legs a little.

To go to the sauna correctly, remember: the vacation after the steam room should be twice as long as the time that you steamed.

After the steam room, you need to pour it with cool water to create a temperature contrast. Warm water in this case is useless.

How to go to the sauna correctly: we get down

At the beginning of the procedure, the air in the steam room should be dry and warmed up to no more than 110 degrees. Gradually, it is necessary to add water to the stones.

Everyone knows that going to the sauna correctly is to steam with a broom. At the first entry, it is worth abandoning it, since the skin has not yet been warmed up enough.

You need to start steaming with sitting or lying on the lower shelf. Gradually you can cross above. You need to breathe your nose, not your mouth, try not to talk in a steam room. Turn over periodically to evenly warm up all parts of the body. After leaving the steam room, cool the body in the pool or soul.

Most correctly go to steam room several times. In this case, each entry should last 7-15 minutes. After leaving the steam room, it is advisable to drink tea, juice, herbal broth or kvass.

The total time of stay in the steam room for all suits should be no more than 35 minutes.

How to go to steam room correctly: we sweat intensively

It is useful to go to the steam room, because there is an intense sweating. If you do not sweat in a steam room, think: are you so steaming correctly?

To increase sweat, you can massage the body with a towel. Before visiting the steam room, it will not hurt to drink a little gear tea and make a light skin peeling.

How to go to the sauna correctly: what after?

After visiting the sauna, you need to take a shower, wash your hair and moisturize the skin with special means. Clothes are dressed only after cooling.

You can also take advantage of the fact that the pores are open and make masks for the skin of the face and body. In this case, they will be as useful as possible.

Also, after the procedures, it is advisable to drink tea (just not black) and vitaminized drinks.

Try to eat for some time after the procedures.