How to get rid of the second chin

If you want to prevent the appearance or get rid of the second chin that has already formed, then special exercises will be the most effective method. Having spent only about a quarter of an hour a day, you can quickly get rid of the second chin and rejoice in the result. Our recommendations will be most relevant for those people who have a sedentary work. The fact is that during the seat, as a rule, the posture is wrong, and the head is lowered down. And all this very quickly leads to the emergence of such an unpleasant problem. Therefore, in the event that you work, for example, at the computer, then be sure to make yourself a short break from time to time. So you can not only get rid of the second chin, but also give you the opportunity to relax at least a little and be able to stretch the muscles of the back and neck a little, which are constantly tense. If you perform five -minute complexes of simple exercises three times a day, then you can get rid of the second chin very quickly, and if it is not yet, then you will be able to prevent its appearance. If you do not have the opportunity to break away from work during the day, then find 15 minutes in your graph, for example, in the morning or before going to bed, to conduct short gymnastics. The simplest exercises for the muscles of the chin are the first exercise, which is recommended to perform to get rid of the second chin, and you can’t call the exercise. You just need to pat this area with the back of the brush. It is important to remember that the fingers should be tightly compressed, and the movement must be done very quickly. The indicator that you do everything correctly is a slight sensation of numbness. The longer you pat this way, the faster you will be able to get rid of the second chin, but in any case you need to do this at least two minutes. Such a procedure is also pleasant for the fact that you can do it at all: sitting at the computer, watching a movie after a shower, while applying a moisturizing or nutrient cream, etc. P. Another exercise that will help to get rid of the second chin is walking with a book on the head. To do this, you need a fairly thick and heavy book, and it is important to keep your back straight, and your head is raised as high as possible. Such actions will help not only get rid of the second chin, but also improve posture. It is enough to spend about seven minutes a day on them. We recommend a few more ways to get rid of the second chin, the first of which is to imagine how that a load pulling down was suspended to the chin. You need to strain the muscles, as if you are striving to raise this load, gradually throwing your head back. By the way, such an exercise can be performed even sitting. You can also get rid of the second chin, if you sometimes press with great effort on the lower or on the upper sky so that the muscle tension is tangible. In addition, you can stretch the corners of the mouth that are tightly closed. It is also important to strongly strain the muscles that we want to tighten. The next simple method that allows you to get rid of the second chin is an attempt to reach the nose, more precisely, its tip. It is important to linger in this position for fifteen seconds. You can simply stick out your tongue and make them circles or draw a “eight”. Actively fighting with the second chin more complex exercises will help you get rid of the second chin even faster. So, you need to lie on your back, raise your head and look at your toes. Linger in this position for 30 seconds, then lower your head. Repeat such a scheme is recommended at least three times. Another exercise: you need to lie on your back on the bed so that your head hangs a little. Lower it alternately and raise your head, if you perform 3 approaches, each of which turns on 10 times, then you can get rid of the second chin quickly. The last two exercises are very effective if you want to get rid of the second chin, but you need to remember that people who suffer from various diseases of the spine or vascular system are strictly prohibited.