How to get rid of sides

As a rule, people who come to the gym of simulators are by no means aim to get gigantic muscles. They just want to get rid of the sides, achieve an elastic priest, a thin waist and a smooth tummy, because these parameters indicate the attractiveness of the body for us. And did you notice that in an effort to get rid of the sides, many undergo a defeat? The reason for this is simple – they simply do not understand the principles by which fitness or bodybuilding act. Hundreds of people go to the gym, carry tens of kilograms of iron there, use programs that have been found on the Internet, and believe that all this will help them get rid of the sides forever. Yes, only such an opinion is far from the truth. How not to make a mistake in choosing a method, first of all, it is worth remembering that any loads using burden provoke muscle growth or anabolism. But most people want to get rid of the sides, that is, they are interested in catabolism, opposite in meaning. The growth of muscles and the simultaneous reduction of adipose tissues are necessary, this is the only way to get rid of the sides, but the snag is that these processes are not only different, but also opposite to each other. Is it possible to go right and left at the same time? No, but in the gym of people who succeed, there are many. You just need to try to get rid of the sides using the right approach to this problem. So, if you need to increase the muscles, you will have to consume a lot of calories, but if your goal is a lean muscles, then they will have to be significantly reduced. That’s why professional athletes alternately enter during periods of fat burning and increasing muscle mass. After all, it is simply impossible to combine it all. Perhaps someone decides to argue now, appealing that you can get rid of the sides, making thousands of repetitions on the press and lateral inclinations, because they say on TV, and the acquaintances who succeeded, a bunch. I immediately want to besiege such people, saying that it is impossible to get rid of the sides point in any way. Fat will not leave one specific body zone. That is, to lose weight and get rid of the sides without uniform weight loss in the rest of the areas. Even a million press exercises will not help if you do not create all the conditions for burning fat. Before that, it will be evenly distributed, focusing on certain areas (in women it is thighs and waist, and men are usually in the stomach). Thus, you will be able to pump muscles, carrying the “iron” in the hall, but getting rid of the sides without restriction in the consumption of calories, called diet, will not succeed. What nutritionists can advise? To date, a lot of various diets have been developed, but their essence is the same: if you want to get rid of the sides, then use more calories a day than you spend. In general, we have not discovered America for anyone now, but simply said that everyone knew, but we just didn’t do it. Note that energy consumption (that is, calories) includes two parts. The first part, basic, is the energy that is necessary in order to maintain the life of the body even at moments of low physical activity, for example, in a dream. The expenditure part implies energy, which is used in moments when you do any work: go, say, blink, run, etc. P. The basic part of a person is constant, it practically does not change, but with consumables you can work, that is, to increase it through the same training. It would seem that everything is so simple – do not change the diet, but simply increase the load – but you can’t get rid of the sides. And the matter is all in the number of calories consumed per day. Then whether you lose weight, and whether you will be able to get rid of the sides, depends on how much you eat. As practice shows, the predominant majority of people have no idea, what is their daily calorie norm. What most often say people who try to lose weight and get rid of the sides with a diet? They claim that they do not eat after six in the evening, try not to consume fatty/flour/fried, but they actively lean on vegetables with fruits. But only in order to get rid of the sides, it is important not so much that you eat, but in what quantity and when. From here we can extract several rules in order to get rid of the sides once and for all: • Clearly plan how much you will eat, make it a rule that in order to get rid of the sides, this norm cannot be exceeded in any case; • use carbohydrates only until six in the evening, maximum up to eight; • enter into the habit of giving the body the main amount of carbohydrates in the morning, so breakfast, which includes only a cup of coffee, will not help to get rid of the sides; • after six in the evening you can eat only fish, cottage cheese, chicken – that is, exclusively proteins.